Who can invest with iuvo?

Iuvo is a platform that is open to individuals and companies.

The individuals must be at least 18 years with a valid bank account within the European Union or third countries that are currently considered as having equivalent AML/CFT regulations to the EU.

Companies are required to have a valid bank account within the European Union or third countries that are currently considered as having equivalent AML/CFT regulations to the EU. Their data and funds origin will be checked accordingly.
Required documents for companies are:
– ID card or Passport of all owners of the company;
– company registration document or Certificate of good standing;
– articles of incorporation (contract);
– information about actual owners (UBO).

How can I add funds to my investor account?

You can add funds to your iuvo account by some of the following methods:
– bank transfer from your bank account with a payment order in a bank branch or by using your online banking;
– PaySera – transfer funds directly from yours to iuvo’s PaySera account. Transactions between two PaySera accounts are free of charge;
– bank transfer to a bank account of ours via e-money companies: Revolut (only for EUR transfers!), ePay, Transferwise, Currency Cloud, etc.
All bank details are available at the “Add funds” section.

How to invest?

The platform offers two methods of investing – manual and automatic.
Manual investing includes selecting loans, filtered by your criteria on primary and/or secondary market, adding them to the cart, and confirming the investment.
Investing automatically is creating one or more portfolios with your criteria for loans to invest in. It follows your criteria and it invests instead of you. The main advantage of it is that the available funds from received payments are reinvested automatically. This way you are optimizing your profit without the need of any extra activity. How to invest more efficiently, find out here.

What is the minimum amount for investing?

There is no minimum amount to add to your balance.
The minimum amount for investing in one loan on primary market is: 10 BGN, 10 EUR, 25 RON, 25 PLN.
There is no minimum amount for investing on secondary market

When do I receive payments?

With every paid installment from a borrower, you receive parts of your principle back and parts of the interest amount, depending on your invested sum. The information is accessible at “Account Statement”. The due dates of the installments and the data about the repaid installments are visible in the Payment Schedule of each loan. An installment can also be partially paid. In such cases you receive payments according to the paid amount.
The installment types that are currently available on the platform are: 7 days, 14 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 1 month.

What do the score classes mean?

Each originator has a system for defining the probability for the borrower to delay the full repayment of an installment of a loan, based on a group of indicators for each specific borrower. According to the probability of delayed payments, the loans are divided into different score classes. This system makes all loans on our market comparable.

The probability for delayed payment is, as follows:
A 0 – 4%;
B 4 – 10%;
C 10 – 18%;
D 18 – 25%;
E 25 – 35%;
HR over 35%.

What is secondary market?

The main market on iuvo is primary market.
Secondary market gives you the opportunity to sell loans that you have bought to other investors. The selling investor defines the price of the loans – higher than the nominal (premium; red percent), lower than the nominal (discount; green percent), or on the nominal price. The market provides the selling investor with higher liquidity of their funds, and the buyers – additional opportunities to invest and generate profit.
Please keep in mind that when a loan is sold, there is a 1% fee for of the sold amount with the selling price for the selling investor.

Can I cancel my investments?

You can cancel an investment before confirming it from the shopping cart. After that, the only way to get out of investment is to sell it to another investor on secondary market.

Can I convert currency on the platform?

Yes, we offer a fast and convenient currency exchange tool. You can invest in five different currencies at the same time – BGN, EUR, RON, PLN, and RUB.

What is a “late fee payment” and when is it applied?

The late fee is an additional fee that some of the originators charge the borrower due to delayed repayments. Each originator defines the late fee in the contract with the borrower. Investors can receive late fee payments with loans of Easy Credit, Viva Credit, iCredit Poland, and iCredit Romania. If there was no payment, not even a partial one, for at least 30 days, the fee is applied. With the next payment from the borrower, investors receive payments for principal, interest, and late fee.
You receive late fee payments according to the share of the loan that you owe.

What charges may apply?

There are no fees on the platform for investing and adding funds.
Fees may apply for:
– secondary market sale – 1% of the sold amount;
– withdrawing funds after the two free of charge withdrawals per month, each following withdrawal in the same month is charged, as follows: 1 EUR, 2 BGN, 5 RON, 5 PLN;
– early withdrawal from iuvoSAVE – 1% of the early withdrawn amount.
Please keep in mind that this does not include the fees your bank may apply.

How is the expected return (interest) of the loans calculated?

The expected profit is calculated with the XIRR formula (Extended Internal Rate of Return). XIRR is a widely used method for calculating profit from investments in order to equate the benefit from all loans on annual base and make them comparable. The formula contains a sequence of payments and proceeds. In order to calculate the profit, we use it in Excel = XIRR (amount, data, [suggestion]).

How is the generated profit taxed?

The investor’s generated profit from the platform is taxed according to their country of residence. It is the investor’s responsibility to declare their income. The platform does not offer tax service and does not do the tax reports for its investors, but it can provide the needed information for the generated profit in the period. Declare your income to the local tax authorities in accordance with the order provided and check how and when to do it.

You can get the needed information about your profit from “Account Statement”. Select the preferred period, currency (if you have more than one), and press Filter. At the bottom of the page, you will find a PDF file to download, which you can apply to your tax report.

Please keep in mind that iuvo does not provide tax, financial, or legal advice. We would like to recommend to contact your financial or tax consultant, if needed.

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