General Questions

General Questions

What is peer-to-peer investing?

Peer-to-peer investing (P2P) is financing a project or a fundraising endeavor from a large group of people. It is more often managed by a specialized internet platform, such as iuvo.

What is iuvo and how does it work?

Iuvo was founded in July 2016 as a P2P platform, which allows its users to invest in loans, granted by credit companies (originators). The investors make a motivational profit and the originators get additional financing to expand their business.

After a loan is granted by the originator, it is listed on iuvo, where the investors can see it and choose to invest in it to benefit from the interest.

The investor receives transfers to their iuvo account with paid installments. The received amount is proportional to the share they own from the principal and interest.

In case the borrower delays the full repaying of an installment with a specified number of days, the buyback activates and the given credit company recovers your remaining invested amount. Some of the credit companies we work with repay the interest according to the payment schedule as well.

What is a loan originator?

The loan originators are regulated non-bank financial institutions. These companies lend money with their own funds, unlike the banks, which fund loans with the deposits of their clients. The loan originators on iuvo are companies with good reputation and long history. They are standard-makers for granting and managing loans, risk assessment, and debt collection on their respective markets. Iuvo is the p2p platform with the strictest due diligence process for adding new originators.

What is buyback?

The buyback is an obligation of every Originator on iuvo to recover the invested funds in a loan with a specified number of days delay. Originators offer individual terms.

What is a group guarantee and is there such on iuvo?

The group guarantee is to support the companies, part of the same administrative structure, with financial and other resources, with the goal each of them to grow and to improve its financial results.
On iuvo there is a group guarantee for all loan originators, part of Management Financial Group (MFG).
Thanks to the group guarantee, in the unlikely event of insolvency of a credit company, part of MFG, the investors will keep receiving payments for the loans in the same way they did until that point in time.

Who are the borrowers?

All loans on the platform are already granted to the borrowers and are based on contractual responsibilities. The borrowers are individuals in most cases, and companies in some cases.
Iuvo’s investors can access certain information about the borrower of every loan. Due to security measures and the mechanism by which the P2P platforms function in Europe, the borrower’s identity is not revealed.
The score class determines the probability of the borrower to delay the full repayment of their loan.

Why should I invest with iuvo?

Since its launch in 2016 iuvo, shows stable growth and offers the opportunity for a passive investment and an attractive return for your funds. Some of the main advantages are:
– Easy to use – No previous financial experience or special skills are required to start investing. Our service is for people that want to generate passive income.
– Attractive return – Your money works for you. Most of our investors use the platform as a bank deposit alternative. Depending on how you invest, the return is between 5% and 14% on annual basis.
– Iuvo’s products are accessible for everyone in regards to minimum invested amount requirements (10 EUR, 10 BGN, 10 RON, 10 PLN). You add funds to your balance as many times as you want with no limit on the maximum invested amount.

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