Auto Invest

Auto Invest

What is Auto Invest and how does it work?

The Auto Invest is a tool that replaces manually selecting loans and investing in them. In order to use it, you need to create a portfolio with your criteria for loans – Score class, Interest rate (%), etc. After you activate a portfolio, the system will automatically select loans that match your criteria and it will invest in them. The Auto Invest will keep analyzing and investing in suitable loans until there are no more available funds in your account or loans that match your criteria.
The Auto Invest portfolio is under your control. You can change it, pause it, or delete it at any given time.

The Auto Invest portfolio is under your full control. You can change it, pause it, or delete it at any given time.

Can I invest manually and automatically at the same time?

The platform gives you the opportunity to invest manually and automatically at the same time.

What is the minimum amount for investing with an automatic portfolio?

The minimum amount for investing in one loan with an Auto Invest portfolio is 10 EUR, 10 BGN, 25 RON, 25 PLN.

I have a couple of portfolios. Which one will invest first?

The portfolio that is created or edited last (if there are matching loans) has the priority to invest first. When that portfolio starts investing, it can invest in up to 10 loans per turn. After that, the second last will make up to 10 investments, and they will take turns until there are matching loans or available funds.

How to find out if there are matching loans to my auto invest criteria?

After you create an Auto Invest portfolio, you can check the “Number of loans matched your criteria for investments” column.
Please keep in mind that some of the loans that match your criteria could be loans you already have invested in.

Can I edit a portfolio?

You always have the opportunity to edit, view, or pause a portfolio. All filters can be changed except for “Portfolio name” and “Investor account”.

Please keep in mind that after every edit, your portfolio will be paused. It is necessary to activate it from the “Activate” button.

Does the automatic portfolio invest on secondary market?

The automatic portfolio can invest only on primary market.

Can more than one portfolio invest in the same loan?

If you have two or more portfolios with similar criteria, it is possible that they invest in the same loan. If you would like to avoid such case, you can create portfolios with different criteria.

Will my portfolio invest in loans that I already have manually invested in?

The portfolio can invest in all loans that match your criteria, even if you have invested in them manually before that.
Manual and automatic investing are two different and independent ways to invest your funds.

If I delete a portfolio, will the invested funds return to my account?

Your automatic portfolio is a tool that allows you to invest your funds in loans easier and faster. When you delete a portfolio, you delete the criteria you have set up for selecting loans but not the investments made.

My Auto Invest portfolio has stopped investing, why?

If your portfolio does not invest, it is possible that the reason is among the following:

– there are no available loans that match your criteria at the moment;
– your criteria is not set up according to real loans;
– you have no available funds;
– your portfolio has invested in all matching loans;
– reached portfolio size;
If it is not any of these reasons, please contact us via e-mail or phone: [email protected]; +372 880 7011.

Why can’t I create an Auto Invest portfolio?

In order to be able to create an Auto invest portfolio, you need to have added funds to your iuvo account first. Before that, you will only be able to see the filters.

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