Suggestions and Compliance

Suggestions and Compliance

How can I submit a signal, complaint, or a proposal?

Every investor on our platform can contact our team directly and to submit a signal, complaint, or a proposal. The submission can be done via email to [email protected] or by phone. Our policy can be found in the User Terms in p. 17. Other Terms and Conditions.

What will happen when I submit a signal, complaint, or a proposal?

After you submit the information, it will be forwarded to the responsible people in the team. It will be entered in our system with a date of receipt and a serial number.

The signal, complaint, or proposal will be processed within 2 working days. If the submitted information is not enough for our team, we will contact you to require further details on the case. After the 2 working days are over, in the case of needing extra time, the process may take up to 15 working days since the date of submission.
The Platform will give a reasoned answer to the submitted signals/complaints/proposals, and in the case of their legitimacy, the needed actions will be taken.
In case the submitter of the signal and/or the complaint is not satisfied with the given answer, they can submit a signal directly to the Supervisory Authority of the Platform – Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

How is the average annual return rate, published on our platform, calculated?

The average annual return rate, which we have visually stated on the Platform of iuvo, equals the average size of the individually generated profit of every investor on the Platform.
The individual annual return rate of every investor with a deposit over 5 euro is calculated in the following way:
All received interest payments are divided by:
The sum of the net amount (Deposit amount – Withdrawn amount) + Generated profit up to this moment – The amount of generated profit after the last deposit or withdrawal.
In order for the profit to be legitimate, iuvo group calculates the individual return after minimum of 30 days since the latest deposit or withdrawal.

What is Conflict of Interest Management Policy? Does iuvo have such?

The policy contains measures, aiming at the preventing and control of making deals on the Platform with persons, in respect of which a conflict of interest may arise between the same and the Platform itself. The conflict of interest can potentially lead to non-compliance with the applicable legislation and/or the Internal rules and procedures of the Platform.

What is the purpose of the Policy?

The best way to deal with conflict of interest is to avoid it. This is the purpose of the policy – one of the measures is maximum transparency and safety towards which the Platform aims in the relationship with its investors.

What happens when an originator on iuvo goes insolvent?

When such event occurs, iuvo stops listing new loans of this originator and removes the already listed ones. The next step is for iuvo to take the needed legal measures with the purpose of collecting the debt from the originator.
More information is available here.

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