Why it is necessary to get verified?

Iuvo Group OŰ is a regulated credit intermediary by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Regarding the European AML/CFT regulations, we are obligated to verify the identity of our investors.

When do you have to get verified?

In order to use the functionalities of the platform for adding funds, investing, and withdrawing, it is necessary to verify your account. You can do it by uploading your documents in View Profile – Documents.

What documents can I use to verify my identity?

• ID Card
• International Passport

What requirements the uploaded identity document has to meet?

• To be valid;
• To be colored, easy to read, and with no hidden information;
• To be in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format;
• To have all of its 4 ends visible;
• The file shall be less than 5 MB.

What documents can I use to verify my address?

The document to verify your address has to be issued less than 6 months ago, to contain your full name, logo or information about the issuer, and date of issue. All ends and details have to be visible and legible.
It can be some of the following documents:
• Utility bill (electricity, water, gas, internet, etc.);
• Document issued by a government institution;
• Invoice for mobile phone services;
• Bank statement.

How to update the address in my profile after it was verified once already?

Upload a document that verifies your new address to your account. After it is reviewed by an administrator, it will be confirmed within 1 business day.

How to change the email address I have registered with?

You can change the email address you have registered with by uploading a photo of you holding your identity document. After that send a short email to [email protected] from the new email address as you state your full name, investor ID, and your old email address.
This is necessary in order for us to be sure that the request comes from you and to avoid any potential misuse.

I forgot to enter my investor ID in payment details for the transaction to iuvo. What can I do?

It is necessary to send the payment order for the transaction (screenshot from your online banking) to [email protected]. Your full name, IBAN, date of issue, and details of the transactions have to be visible.

What documents are needed to verify my company account?

• Articles of association or Memorandum of association;
• Current Status Certificate;
• Personal Identity Document of the person managing the investor account and the beneficial owner/s (persons that own 25% or more of the company);
• Invoice/Utility bill, issued in the past 6 months that contains the name and address of the company.

*You can upload more than one document after pressing the “Save” button.

What format and size the uploaded documents have to be?

You can upload documents with a size up to 5MB and in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format.

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