What is iuvoSAVE?

IuvoSAVE is a simplified opportunity for investing with fixed return for your funds and fixed period, and it is provided by the platform of iuvo. It saves time, it offers predictability of the investment and the expected return. It also offers a possibility to withdraw funds before the maturity date.

How can I register for iuvoSAVE?

Fill out the registration form and select that you will invest with iuvoSAVE right after your first login in the account.

Do I have to verify my account before investing with iuvoSAVE?

Due diligence of the identity of all users is necessary to use the platform because we strictly follow the AML/CFT regulations of the EU. Information on when and what documents to verify with, you will find in FAQ -> Verification.

How can I add funds to my investor account in order to invest with iuvoSAVE?

You can add funds to your virtual account on iuvo in the following ways:
– bank transfer from your bank account with a payment order in a bank branch or directly with your online banking;
– internal transfer between two PaySera accounts – from yours to ours;
– bank transfer to one of our bank accounts but using e-money companies such as: Revolut, ePay, Transferwise, Currency Cloud, etc.
All bank details can be found in your iuvo account in the “Add Funds” page.

What currency can I use iuvoSAVE in?

The available currencies for investing are EUR and BGN. If you have another currency available, you can use the Currency Exchange tool on the platform.

How can I invest with iuvoSAVE?

Open the iuvoSAVE page, choose one or more than one of the products of iuvoSAVE, enter the preferred amount to invest and confirm the investment.

What do I invest in?

The funds are invested in loans granted by non-bank financial institutions. All partners go through a financial and legal due diligence, as we monitor their activity in real time in order to increase the levels of safety for your invested funds.

When do I receive interest?

Interest is received at the due date of your investment. You can track your accumulated interest for each product on daily basis, as well as the remaining days until the maturity date of your investment.

How can I reinvest?

Open the iuvoSAVE page and go to a product you have invested in. Below it, you will find the “Product renewal” button. Click it and choose to reinvest only your initially invested amount or the invested amount and the generated interest. Confirm it. This way when a period ends, another one will immediately start.

How to add more funds to a product of iuvoSAVE where I have already invested?

Add funds to your investor account in the standard way or use your available funds on the platform, and press the “Invest more” button of the selected product in the “My Investments” page. You can add as much funds as you want per product while you keep the same maturity date. The new balance starts generating interest from the date of the its increase.

How much money can I invest?

The minimum amount you can invest per product of iuvoSAVE is 100 EUR/BGN, which is valid for all iuvoSAVE products. The maximum amount you can invest in the 3-month product is 50,000 EUR/ 100,000 BGN, for the 6-month and 12-month products – 1,000,000 EUR/ 2,000,000 BGN.

How can I withdraw my funds from iuvoSAVE?

After the due date of a product, the invested amount automatically becomes available in your account, unless you have selected the “Product renewal” option. If you want to withdraw before the due date has occurred yet, it is needed to select “Early withdrawal”*. After the amount is available, you can choose whether to invest the funds in another product of iuvo or to withdraw them to your bank account from the “Withdraw” page.
*Investors can withdraw up to 10 000 EUR/BGN per month from a product.

Are there any fees?

The registration, investing, and using your account are free of charge. The only fee that you can be charged with is when you withdraw all or part of your funds before the due date. The fee is 1% of the early withdrawn amount. It is taken out of the remaining funds in order to receive the exact requested amount with the transaction for withdrawal. You keep the generated interest and the maturity date does not change. After a partial withdrawal, interest is generated on the new balance since the date of its decrease.

I registered and selected a product but I changed my mind. What can I do?

If you would like to change your choice, you can do it by selecting another option in Profile -> Settings.

Can I invest simultaneously in iuvoSAVE and iuvoP2P?

Yes, you can invest simultaneously in iuvoSAVE and iuvoP2P.

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