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Monthly portfolio – October

The information needed for your investing strategy is here. With the help of our monthly portfolio for October, you can find out the most important things that happened on the platform and to have a look at transactions and statistics about primary and secondary market.

Our focus was to provide you with up-to-date information about the state of our originators and offering you even better possibilities to generate high profit. The working strategy and successful investing will not be possible if you do not follow the performance of the companies that are part of your portfolio.

Here is the most important information for the past month in iuvo:

  • Our team shared up-to-date information about the legal actions taken against BBG and CBC.
  • iuvo signed an annex to the contract with Monify, which settles the complete repayment of their debt to our investors within 3 months. The originator started the repayment of the due amount.
  • iCredit Poland, NordCard, and Adwisers were the next originators that provided you with up-to-date information about their current state and plans for development.
  • The “Refer a Friend” program is now with even better terms, which will be valid until the end of November.
  • Ibancar chose iuvo for their exclusive partner in the P2P sector.
  • We gave you tips on how to use the autoinvest on iuvo in the most efficient way.

You can download the file HERE.

In the “Monthly portfolio” section of our blog, you can find data for the previous months. Invest now. Good return rates are waiting for you on iuvo.

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