“Refer a Friend” – now with better terms

For the past three years, over 2000 investors participated in the “Refer a Friend” program and received over 240 000 euro in bonuses! Since then, the participants proved that inviting your friends to join iuvo brings you attractive bonuses and satisfaction from the shared success as well.

In order to celebrate, we decided to expand the circle of people who can participate in the program with new promotional terms. What does this mean?

The regular terms allow you to refer friends if you have invested over 2000 euro, which is also required from the referred party.

Now, during the promotional campaign, you can refer people even with 1000 euro invested funds. Respectively, you can be referred and get a bonus if you invest an amount over 1000 euro. The amount of the bonus depends on the invested amount of the referred party – 1,5% of it. In comparison, according to the regular terms, 1.5% is the bonus when there is an invested amount over 3500 euro.

The promotional campaign is valid for a limited period of time – 13.10.2020 – 30.11.2020. The referrals will be processed according to the standard terms of the program.

In order to take advantage and to refer your friends, it is necessary to register and invest over 1000 euro, and to fill this form.

Our team is at your disposal and will gladly answer all of your questions about the program. Happy investing with iuvo!

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