The autoinvest tool on iuvo – important steps for all investors

We at iuvo always strive to share the most useful information with you, so you can get better results as an investor. As you know, we contact you within the first couple of days after your registration in order to help you get to know the platform faster. We regularly communicate and create materials, which can give you the right directions in getting more profit.

We gathered the most important information about the autoinvest on iuvo at one place. We call it a “loyal helper” because it saves you time, and you can always count on it. Besides that, it helps you keep your funds invested, and to optimize your profit. The feedback from our investors throughout the years shows us that iuvo is among the most preferred platforms because it provides you with stability and a long-term horizon for your investments.

Before you create your autoinvest portfolio, it is very important to form a strategy for investing. For this purpose, you can ask yourself couple of questions:

–  What is the interest rate that I aim at?

–  How long would I like my funds to be invested?

–  What is my risk tolerance?

Regardless if this is going to be your first portfolio or you already have an active one, it is always good to pay attention to the following factors:

The Originators

It is important to know what are the regulations for this type of business in the countries where they operate. Does the business gets help from the government and are there good conditions for further development? Check since when the company is on the market, what are their financial results for previous years, or if they are part of a bigger holding.

Loan types

After you have researched the companies, check the type of loans they list on the platform – interest rate, maturity term, score classes, type of installment, buyback guarantee activation days.

 Investment in one loan

Decide what amount you would like to invest in one loan according to your balance. Please, remember to diversify. Successful and long-term investment can be achieved mostly through diversification, and the Auto Invest is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Currently available loans

After you have formed your strategy, we recommend you to check what the current availability of loans on primary market is. As you know, the Auto Invest is active only on this market, and it is good to be aware whether there are enough loans at the moment, that match your strategy.

In order to find the answers to any additional questions you may have while you create your portfolio, we would like to recommend you to contact your Account Manager. They will help you combine your criteria in a way that can match your expectations. Our colleagues are here for you to clarify everything about iuvo. You can contact us by chat, phone, or email.

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