The legal process against CBC is in action

At iuvo, we continue to work with all legal means to protect the investments of our clients in CBC loans. The lawsuit against the originator has been filed. All legal actions which we take are coordinated and managed by the Legal Department of Management Financial Group – the holding that stays behind our P2P platform. Our colleagues are working on the case with the assistance of our international legal advisers and partners. Meanwhile, we have sent an offer to CBC for an out-of-court agreement, which could significantly speed up the collecting process of the due funds.

Our team will keep informing you in a timely manner about the progress of the case and all further legal actions on our behalf. Protecting the interest of our investors is the main focus of our work and our daily efforts are in order for iuvo to keep being the best place for your funds.

Iuvo is the P2P platform with the strictest rules for adding new loan originators on its market. As a leading platform in Europe, we initiate the structuring and implementation of unified best practice in P2P lending around which we would like to unify the rest of the branch on European and even Global level. Our goal is to establish standardized requirements in the business, which will be followed by all platforms. With this initiative, we will help the current and future investors in our type of assets to identify the trustworthy participants in the market and to diversify their investments right.

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