iCredit Poland – News and Financial Results

iCredit Poland – the newest originator on iuvo, part of Management Financial Group (MFG), is making an official statement with information about the completed 2019 and the first six months of 2020.

What can you learn from the statement?

–  2019 – results and analyzes.

–  What are the optimized processes and what is the positive effect on the collectability and the financial results?

–  The dynamic in the main indicators for business development in 2020.

–  Upcoming projects and prognosis.

You can read all details HERE.

The company operates in the field of consumer lending on the Polish market and it has granted over €20m in loans since its founding in 2014. Their hard work and timely taken measures are leading to positive results in the main indicators. Over 14% return rate in EUR and PLN await you if you invest in the loans of iCredit Poland. Diversify now and contact us if you need any assistance with creating your own strategy.

The communication with the originators on iuvo gives you the most useful and up-to-date information for you and your investments. In the past couple of weeks, we are sharing with you the official statements of big part of our partners and we will continue doing that for you in the future. We are focused in transparency, which means that we are going to be the first ones to provide you with the right data and the most useful information.

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