The liquidity of your investments on iuvo

The main advantage of having high liquidity is the freedom to have fast access to your funds if you need them. Market liquidity shows how fast you can sell or exchange a certain asset.

The classic assets do not go through drastic changes throughout time. Plenty of them are not accessible for everyone because they require high initial capital, they have low liquidity, and are highly volatile. P2P investing gives you the freedom to start managing your finances by yourself and to find the best terms according to your requirements. In the same time, the industry is growing fast and it is constantly adapting to the needs of the users.

What liquidity do you get with iuvo?

The investments on iuvo are way more liquid than most investment instruments and at the same time, you do not compromise with having high profit.

You can see the balance in your account growing every day with the regular repayment of loans. The funds you generate can be reinvested in order to increase more profit or you can withdraw them. The profit you receive depends on your strategy. It can go up to 20% on annual basis, depending on your preferred originator, selected currency, and risk level.

If you ever need your funds to pay important or unexpected expenses, or to take advantage of an exclusive offer, you can do the needed changes because:

– With every paid installment, you receive part of your invested amount back to your account. All of your invested funds will be back to your account with interest when the loans you have invested in end. Around 90% of the listed loans on iuvo are with maturity between 2 and 12 months, which makes the investing for short periods possible.

– Part of the loans get an early repayment – you receive the entire invested amount before the maturity term and you can have access to your money.

– Another part of them can default – you still receive the remaining invested amount before the maturity of the loan.

The secondary market on iuvo is one of the main ways you can get out of an investment fast. Selling your loans to other investors brings your invested amount back to your account. You can choose whether you would like to sell your loans with a discount or on nominal price, depending on how fast you need your money. When listing loans for sale with a discount, you guarantee yourself that your loans will sell faster.

It is good to know that when you list loans for sale on secondary market, you not only get your funds back, but you also help other investors to invest in loans that match their strategy but are no longer available on primary market.

When you manage your money well, you know how to get out of investment. This way you are aware of the risk and you can secure yourself a long-term perspective for passive income out of your savings.

Increase the potential of your funds with iuvo today!

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