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How to earn from my savings with iuvoSAVE?

IuvoSAVE is the product that completely changed the trajectory of iuvo and to which we owe our record-breaking success in the recent year.
Super easy to use, iuvoSAVE is the alternative for your savings.

With just a couple of clicks, you get fixed annual interest and fixed period. You know the exact amount you will receive and exactly when! The options for you in EUR and BGN are:

  • 5% annual interest and 3 months period;
  • 6% annual interest and 6 months period;
  • 7% annual interest and 12 months period.

How to activate iuvoSAVE?

After you register with iuvo and log in to your account, it is needed to verify your identity. Add funds to your iuvo account by making a bank transfer from your bank account to ours. After the funds are available in your iuvo account, you need to take the following steps:



Minimum amount to start is 100 EUR/BGN, and the maximum – for the 5% product is 50 000 EUR/100 000 BGN; for 6% and 7% is 1 000 000 EUR/2 000 000 BGN.

How can I see the exact amount I will receive and exactly when?

With iuvoSAVE, you have the option to track how your profit generates daily, to see the due date and the amount you will receive then:


How to add more funds to help my savings grow?

Anytime you want, you can add more funds to an already activated iuvoSAVE product in order to generate more profit. The period of the products is fixed and the due date remains the same when you add more funds to an activated iuvoSAVE product:


How to withdraw early?

Flexibility is a main advantage of iuvoSAVE, which is the reason to keep having access to your money in case you need it. You can withdraw up to 10 000 EUR/BGN in the same month from each activated iuvoSAVE product separately. This happens for a 1% fee of the withdrawn amount. You do not automatically lose the entire interest, like with traditional savings products, but you get to keep it instead. The rest of your funds, if there are such left, continue to generate profit for you until the end of the period. In order to withdraw early, you need to follow these steps:


How to renew a product of iuvoSAVE?

If you wish to continue generating profit instead of having your funds available after the iuvoSAVE product matures, you can automatically start a new period by following these steps:


Activate a product of iuvoSAVE now and participate in our promo campaign, valid until 30.11.2023. You can win up to 3х1000 EUR prizes.

IuvoSAVE is your alternative for saving. Take advantage now, it’s easy.

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