Why should I invest in iuvoUP and iuvoP2P?

For over 5 years of history, iuvo group is constantly growing and reaches new highs every year. Our hard work, the close relationship with the investors, and the support of our holding Management Financial Group (MFG) help us be among the most preferred platforms in Europe. Part of our achievements include nearly 29 000 investors, over €231M total invested amount, and an award from Forbes Bulgaria for best financial company of 2020.

We continue growing and expanding our portfolio of services because we hear your feedback and we understand the needs of the market of financial services. Besides our peer-to-peer service, with which iuvo won over its loyal investors, now we offer a structured product with fixed annual return and maturity – iuvoUP. It comes as a response to the nearly zero interest of bank deposits, and on the other hand, as a solution for those that cannot spare time to invest and want something fast, easy, and satisfying.

Can I invest in both services simultaneously?

Well, yes! Combining iuvoP2P with iuvoUP is the right choice! This way you can generate high interest with one part of your funds in iuvoP2P, and with the other – to have quick liquidity with iuvoUP, while still generating attractive return but without any effort.

What is iuvoP2P?

IuvoP2P gives users the possibility to invest in loans, provided by nonbank financial institutions, and to generate attractive average annual return of 9.2%. In order to be successful with this type of investment, it is needed first to get familiar with the loan originators, our market, and what you can get. Then, you need to create your own strategy to achieve your goals, and to follow the progress of the loans you have invested in.

What is iuvoUP?

IuvoUP is created to save you all this time and to invest it in the more important things in life – your loved ones and the unforgettable moments with them! The only thing that is needed is to add funds, choose between 3% and 4% annual return, and a period between 6 and 12 months, and you are ready. Well, yes! It is easy with iuvoUP.
Besides freedom, you get flexibility – you can add funds without a limit on the maximum amount at any time, and you can withdraw if you need to. Thanks to the quick liquidity of iuvoUP, you do not need to make complicated plans because you can have available funds within two working days.

If this is the first time you hear about iuvo, you need to know that in order to use our services, it is needed to register. After that, verify your identity, providing the needed documents, and add funds. The most convenient way to do that is a bank transfer from your bank account to ours. If you use the services of PaySera, it is also very convenient.
After you log into your profile, select which of our services is closer to your needs in the window that will appear – iuvoP2P or iuvoUP. This is an important step of the process because you will receive useful information for you via email, and a colleague from our team will assist you with more specific advises in order for you to achieve optimal results with your investment.

See for yourself and invest in both services. Manage your money your way and make it work for you!

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