Profit with late installments

As you already know, at iuvo, we work in the best interest of our investors. Our main goal is to maintain a safe environment for your savings, where they can bring you your desired profit. We achieve that thanks to the strict selection of the loan originators we work with, and the control we apply after they have become part of the platform.

Another main factor for the safety of your funds is transparency. We insist on always informing you about what is happening. Iuvo is the platform that shows numbers, behind which there are real payments from the borrowers. If the originator has not received a payment from the debtor, they do not send it to us, and you do not see it on your profile. Thanks to this and to the regular inspections, every investor was able to receive a withdrawal when requested during the state of emergency, in the usual time period and with no limitation in the amount.

Before we let an originator join the platform, all of them go through a strict due diligence process, part of which is analyzing their collection of receivables policy. We have to make sure that it is efficient enough in order to ensure safety. It is also needed for the default period of the loan to not be too long in the borrower – lender relations. After we let an originator join the platform, we apply control with a sudden monitoring couple of times per year. Part of the monitoring is to require loan contracts with borrowers in order to make sure that the information they provide us with is true and that these are real loans.

Another part is analyzing the borrowers’ behavior and progress of the loans. If the loans of a credit company have more delays that they are supposed to according to the score class they have provided us with, we change the score class of the loans, and the loan originator cannot list new loans in the previous one before we see improvement in their loans’ performance.

It is important for you to know that in most cases, the nonbank financial institutions consider a loan as delayed when the delay is over 30 days. The days of delay before that are visible on the platform because we want you to be informed about the real status of the loans. We would like to ensure you that this does not mean that such loan will stop generating profit for you.

It is also important to know what is the borrowers’ behavior during a delay. In most cases, loans with installment type “7 days” can have several installments paid at once. For example, when you see a loan in 40 days delay, the borrower can pay four installments at once, but you will still see that the loan is with 12 days delay because another installment is due.

Another possible scenario is that you can receive a partial payment for an installment, the amount of which is not enough to cover everything that is owed up to this moment. This means that you can receive a buyback payment today for a loan that was partially paid yesterday. This behavior can be observed in the payment schedule of a loan, where you can find the information about maturity dates and payments made by borrowers.

Transparency and safety have always been a priority for iuvo, and we believe that they are the reason for your successful investments. We continue to provide you with the most useful information and to share the right answers to your questions.

Thank you for choosing iuvo!

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