Myths and facts about P2P investments

P2P investments are a field where increasingly more people choose to invest their money.  Even if you are a beginner, it is good to develop your own strategy that will help you get the highest return. This means you have to read enough to get well acquainted with the principles of operation of P2P platforms. Take a look back at the strategies that we have already discussed in our blog.

If you know the platform’s specifics and best practices, this may help you use its functionalities as optimal as possible.

It is easy but it takes time. Of course, we are always available, if you need assistance.

We have compiled and explained 5 of the most common myths about P2P investments. We believe that after you read them, you will get to know iuvo’s world even better.

Myth: Iuvo is a platform, suitable only for the experienced investors.

Fact: Anyone can start investing on the platform today.

Iuvo allows its users to invest in loans, granted by originators (non-bank financial institutions).

We aim to offer easy to use interface with functionalities, provided for your convenience.

No previous experience is required for investing on iuvo. You can always contact us if you have questions, or need further information about functionalities, or how to get started. Our customer service team will be happy to assist.

Myth: It will take me a lot of time to become acquainted with the investment process.

Fact: It is easy to invest on iuvo and it takes just a few steps.

Getting acquainted with iuvo is the first step. This step will lead you to the world of P2P investing, and we can assure you that you need to spend only little of your time for this to happen.

A major focus for our team is to provide each investor with a constant access to accurate and useful information. The option for direct contact with us is an advantage that helps not only new but also experienced investors. We are always at your disposal, no matter who you are. Call us, contact us by e-mail, or ask questions online via chat – we will be happy to answer.

Myth: I need to have a lot of money to invest on the platform.

Fact: To start investing in a loan or part of a loan on iuvo, you need only 10 BGN/10 EUR, 25 RON/PLN, or 400 RUB.

One of the greatest advantages of P2P platforms is that everyone can invest and start investing with as much as they want.

You can start with small amounts until you get to know us and feel confident enough. The minimum investment is 10 BGN/10 EUR for loans in BGN or EUR, 25 RON/PLN for loans in Romanian leu (RON) and Polish zloty (PLN), and 400 RUB for loans in Russian rubles.

Myth: P2P investments are not safe.

Fact: Safe platform means stable investments. How we do it at iuvo?

One of the ways by which iuvo achieves stability is by providing buyback guarantee for all our loans.

Apart from the buyback guarantee, our originators maintain their own share in each, loan uploaded on the platform (the so-called skin in the game). The higher the originator’s skin in the game is, the safer your investment will be. Iuvo offers the highest percentage of skin in the game across all platforms – 30%. This guarantees higher safety and commitment by originators.

Myth: I have no control over auto-investing.

Fact: The Auto Invest portfolio is under your control. You can change, stop, or delete it at any time.

The Auto Invest is a functionality that replaces the manual processes on choosing and investing in loans. In order to activate it, you need to create a portfolio with certain criteria – rating class, interest rate (%), type of installment, etc. After creating the portfolio, the system will automatically choose loans that meet your requirements, and will invest in them. You can make changes, pause, or create more than one portfolio anytime you want. You decide!

No matter if you are an experienced investor with a clear strategy, or new to the world of P2P lending, remember that to be informed is one of the greatest powers, and we are here to help you achieve it.

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