Free Funds – No Panic!

Recently, it was believed that investment was a field reserved for the brave and experienced investors willing to sacrifice some of their wealth without a clear prospect. P2P opened the doors to the broad audience. Being an investor in P2P loans is secure and at iuvo we prove it every day. The platform is easy to use and has intuitive functionalities. As an investor, you know that iuvo doesn’t require much of your personal time, especially if you use the Autoinvest feature. Whether you invest manually or leave this task to the Autoinvest, we can give you a piece of advice – always make sure that you invest 100% of your funds. Being a successful investor is easy, it is enough to have a flexible mind, monitor and change your strategy as needed.

If you are just entering the P2P world, we would advise you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the market. That initial investment in time will serve you well and help you build the most suitable portfolio for you. It is important to develop your own investment strategy from the very beginning, in which you should combine criteria, such as contribution types, interest rates, choose loans from a country or originators preferred by you. If there is something unclear or you wonder, you can always contact us by using the chat function or emailing us at [email protected]. It will take you a few minutes, and the information you will receive, aims to improve your experience on the platform.

One of the common mistakes investors make is leaving uninvested funds in their account. It’s no secret that the most attractive loans on the platform run out almost immediately after being listed. It’s great to strive for maximum returns, but you also need a Plan B in the cases when the loans you’ve chosen are not available anymore. It’s good to have 2 or more portfolios with different settings. In your core portfolio, you can rely on the strict implementation of your chosen strategy.
You can expand the other portfolios with loans from other groups or originators that constantly have available listings. Some examples of these include Class A loans with a profit of 5 to 7%.

However, if you are firmly committed to investing only in certain loans, then it is a good idea to make sure that the size of the portfolio offered is always larger than the actual size of yours. In this way, the interest rates will be reinvested and you will always make profit from your investment.

Keep track of the new originators on the platform. Names like Easy Credit, iCredit, and Viva Credit ensure security and make you feel safe about your investments, but our new originators should not be underestimated. It is important to know that rating classes in iuvo evaluate only the ability of the borrower to repay the lended amount. The rating is not directly related to the originators. If you prefer a particular originator, it is a good idea to check the others. Explore what else the primary market has to offer, combine and diversify your portfolio. The specifics of investing with a particular originator can help you maximize your return. For example, Ibancar offers a 16-day buyback guarantee, but if you have specified that you want to invest only in loans with 60-day guarantee, then the Autoinvest feature will exclude the option to invest in loans of that originator. Keep in mind using the Autoinvest when setting up your portfolio.

For example: if you choose to invest in loans with interest rate of 14 %, but you filter only investments in class A and B loans, there may not be enough liquid loans available. As mentioned above, it is best to build two or more portfolios to cover your different strategies.

Develop your investment strategy today and see the good results yourself that you will achieve with iuvo. Sign in to your account now.


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