How does the autoinvest feature save time and earn money

We have told you about the autoinvest feature. By using it, you are able to adjust your portfolio, choose specific parameters and let it invest for you. The mechanism is easy and with good positioning your money is always in circulation. By the autoinvest feature, you are no longer in a situation to hold idle funds. Your released interest rates will be automatically invested in loans that meet your criteria. Some will call it a lazy investment and we call it a functional one. In the rest of this article, we will tell you how you can save time while earning profit by the Auto-Invest feature.

Each loan available for sale on the platform provides different return, duration, and parameters. Usually the investor has their own action plan. They enter the primary market and choose in which loans to invest their free funds. They spend time to monitor the market, improve and change their strategy. The practical investor uses the autoinvest feature. In the fast-paced daily life, we often don’t have time to check the primary market every day. If you are skilled and have a sense of investment, then you may be able to handle this manually to manage your investments perfectly. In other cases, however, we recommend that you assign, if not all, but at least part of that work to the autoinvest feature.

First, because it saves time.
Funds in iuvo are profitable when invested. It is no use for you to have free funds in your account.

It finds loans faster than you.
Our smart system is programmed to always find and prioritize the best loans for you according to the parameters you set. To be honest – if you have to do it manually, the chance of missing out on good opportunities increases.

 It’s fast.

How many times can you enter the platform to reinvest your free money? Let us explain it that way. By each repayment installment of the loan, a portion of the invested amount (principal on the loan) is released, and an interest rate as well. The funds are credited to your account and will remain therein until you invest it. Now think about in how many loans you have invested. 10, 100, 1000? And that’s every day… The Auto-Invest feature invests for you every time you release an amount – automatically.

Speed plays a key role in investing. It is in your interest to keep an eye on the market. To invest smartly as well. Our job is to offer you the best and optimal solution. Our observations and feedback received from our investors show that the аutoinvest feature is used not only as a main method of investing, but also as part of an investment strategy for splitting investments into two or more portfolios. Many of our investors prefer to invest one part of their money under predefined autoinvest criteria and another to manage manually. In this way, they allocate risk and test different investment formats. Experiment and see the difference. Activate your portfolio today. You will thank us later. ????

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