You have been investing in iuvo for 3 months. Now what?

P2P investments are accessible for every enthusiast. Our team and you – the investor in iuvo, we share a common passion for investing. If you have made the first steps with us, then you have experienced our personal approach. We have made you familiar with the basics of the platform, we have shown you how and where to do the most important settings. After your investor’s experience has started, your yield has started growing, and you have tested part of the functionalities. From a beginner, you effortlessly passed onto the next stage – the one of the more experienced investors, which are familiar with the types of loans, with filters, and with the specifics of the Auto Invest.

By this time, you have received all possible types of payments – regularly paid loans, early paid loans, paid interest, late fee payments, and you probably have loans with an activated buyback guarantee.

If you are still investing with a lower (so called, testing) amount, now is the time to decide if you are going to increase it. We would like to advise you to ask yourself couple of questions in order to make the right decision. Think carefully:

–  If you have used the Auto Invest for this period. If you have not, we would like to advise you to do it. Thanks to this tool, your yield on iuvo increases without your interference, and you are increasing your passive income. It is not necessary to spare any of your precious time – the platform can do the job for you by following your criteria.

–  If you have referred friends and acquaintances in order to join the platform – 3 months is enough time to decide if you like this type of investment and what your future goals would be. If you refer a friend, you get a great bonus on your account – up to 150 euro.

–  If you have experimented enough with different strategies. The possibilities that we offer you are diverse and you can find the best ones for you.

–  If you have invested in enough loans so far (over 100 is recommended).

3 months are ¼ of the year. If you have been investing with an amount over 1000 euro since the beginning, you could equate the received profit to this moment, on annual basis. Take another look at the steps you have taken since the start until now. If your return rate is good, keep it up and think about adding more funds. But if you see that your return rate is below the average of 9.2%, think about what you can change. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for tips. You know that we will gladly take a look at your portfolio filter, and together we will figure out how to continue.

Now is the moment to ask all of your questions in order to get the answers that you have been looking for, and to make sure that investing on iuvo brings you not only high return, but satisfaction as well. Please remember that the most important thing in this early stage is to build the foundation, and to learn as much as possible for investing.

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