What is the amount I need to start investing?

“What is the amount I need to start?” – this is one of the оne of the most frequently asked questions by our investors. The decision what amount to invest initially is taken individually and depends on both your resources and the benefits you want to get from your strategy. You can always start with a certain amount and over time, after gaining more experience on the platform, you can increase it. We recommend that you familiarize yourself in details with the features on the platform and experiment with different amounts.

To get the most out of it, we recommend starting with at least 100 investments. These are amounts over EUR 1000. Тhis way, you will understand the basic functionalities on iuvo’s platform and based on the achieved profitability you will decide with what amount to increase your portfolio. By investing more funds, you will be able to build a well-balanced and diversified portfolio.

Iuvo offers an opportunity to generate additional bonuses. If you invite your friends to join as investors, you can make an extra EUR 150 for each one of them. The good thing is that there is no limit to how many people you invite. Keep in mind that the minimum amount you have to invest is EUR 2000.

Allocation of your funds is also one of the keys for maximizing your return. When you reinvest your accumulated returns, you can expect steady growth. If you are unable to regularly monitor your cash flow and reinvest the received funds, we recommend that you use the Auto Invest feature. This will ensure that all your funds work for you.

The originators on the platform offer different types of loans, suitable for each investment strategy. Interest rates applicable to loans you can invest in are between 5 % and 18 %, and the average annual return on the platform is 9.2%.

Another convenient option is to set aside a certain portion of your monthly income, whatever that may be. If you deposit a percentage of your earnings every month, you will constantly generate passive income and turn your iuvo account into a high-interest savings account.

If you are an experienced investor and have a good knowledge of the specifics and the way iuvo works, we would like to recommend that you do keep taking full advantage of the opportunities we provide. Try different strategies, invest in different currencies and loans with different ratings. We remind you that if your investment on the platform is at least EUR 25 000, you become a IUVO Gold Club member and you can enjoy many privileges.

Regardless of the amount you invest, remember that we have taken care of your safety. All loans on iuvo are secured by a 16, 30 or 60-day buyback guarantee. You get your money back in case of loan default and you can invest it again.

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