How does iuvo’s customer support team help you earn more?

What do the experienced investor and the one making their first steps in iuvo have in common? They both have heard the voice of any of our colleagues and have been introduced to the world of investment.

How about contacting a competent and responsive specialist, whenever you have a question about the platform? Iuvo’s customer support team is one of the few of P2P platforms that maintains a personal and direct contact with its investors. And we have reasons for doing so. We know that you often have questions, want to learn more, and seek for the best solutions. Each investor is important to us and we want them to improve their experience and profitability constantly.

Welcome call

After registration, each investor receives a call from our colleagues, assisting with the first steps. We provide you guidance to lay a solid foundation on which you can safely build in the future.

Auto-Invest filters

We examine and clarify the auto-invest filters together. We present you the secondary market, types of credits and originators, the functionalities become clear and the investor experience begins. In this way, you save valuable time and efforts in finding the right information. We will share to you the most important information and send you an e-mail with some helpful articles to read.

A well-structured portfolio is what each investor seeks for. Our team assists in its creation and its best optimization. We maintain contact with you on a regular basis to review your strategy together and guide you, if needed. We know that each investor has different needs and expects a customized solution. Iuvo is one of the few P2P investment platforms offering such a solution – personal attitude, attention, and focus on a case-by-case basis.

 You can always contact us

We are at your disposal by chat, telephone and email. The possibility to maintain constant contact with us guarantees you security and confidence that you make the best decisions and help your profitability grow. Do not hesitate to contact us with a direct question as to whether your automatic strategy is well structured. Remember that the market is dynamic and it is possible that your portfolio is adequate today, but after two days, it is not able to find appropriate loans.  We will be happy to give you the most appropriate recommendations so you can continue investing at an optimal level.

Over 19,000 investors from 143 countries rely on our team. We will talk to you in 4 languages. To answer the most complex questions and solve the most complicated situations is a challenge we face on a daily basis. We can easily find the best way out of any situation.

Our team continues to grow, and we are sure that the colleagues we hire share your passion for investment. Each of us goes through trainings and constantly develops their skills to ensure you that you are advised by the best specialists in the field.

Your trust is our top priority and we are committed to maintaining it. Our different departments work together as a whole so you can invest easily. We are constantly learning, developing our skills, and seeking the best solution for our investors. Thank you for being part of our success!

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