Presenting iuvo’s customer support

Every story has its beginning. Difficult, emotional and inspirational – this was the beginning of iuvo. Our story began three and a half years ago in a small office. Back then, we were a few people willing and desiring to conquer the fintech world. Today, our team has increased fivefold and iuvo ranks among the best P2P platforms in Europe. The company is divided into several key departments, the leading of which is the Customer Support Department. The platform has been gaining popularity since its launch, and we already have more than € 90M attracted investments from more than 16,000 investors from 135 countries around the world.

A Reason to be Proud

Each investor in iuvo has personal experience with our Customer Support Team. Ever since the launch of the platform, we have had the practice of calling and congratulating every newly registered investor. Our colleagues are committed to introducing them to the world of investing and answering to all their questions related to iuvo.

We cannot hide that we are proud of the Customer Support Team that we have been able to form since the launch of iuvo. Each member of the team contributes to having a well-organized organization for even better and timely service. Here are some examples of why we are better:

  • Each newly registered user of the platform receives a personal call, attention and care to achieve maximum satisfaction with the platform. We try to be of service to our investors and guide them specifically when they need it.
  • We were one of the first P2P platforms that added a direct contact option via a live chat feature. Our investors can ask their questions online via chat for 2 years now. And yes, we are very good at chat service. You can test us.
  • More than 95% of the inquiries received are quickly processed within up to 2 hours after receipt.
  • We speak with our investors in 4 European languages! This allows us to understand them even better and to always have an up-to-date solution to every inquiry.

The biggest reward is the high level of customer satisfaction that we have, as well as the positive feedback and gratitude from our investors that we receive every day. The secret of our close-knit team is that we complement each other. In addition to work, we are also united by common hobbies such as arts, sports, music, and we often visit together such events. Since 2016 until today, our team has increased five times. Our specialists are ready to support you at every stage of the investor experience called P2P.

Why you should contact us?

Your interest is also our interest. In this sense, we cannot afford to mislead you or lose your trust. We know the system best, and you can count on us for quick advice if needed. You can be sure that we will answer frankly and in support of your investment strategy to any question that arises during your stay on the platform. Make your investment decision on your own, but you can also ask us if you have any hesitation.

Write to us and allow us to assist you. It is a pleasure for us!

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