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Official statements from the holding MFG and the originators in it – part 1

Official statements of the CEOs of MFG, Easy Credit, and Access Finance

At iuvo, we have a close relationship with our investors and with the loan originators as well. Besides attractive promotional campaigns and new loans, the bigger part of our work is focused in managing the relationships with our partners and the risk that comes with them. For the purpose, we are in constant communication with our partners, especially now in the current circumstances in the world.
There is a special post in our blog already, which we update weekly with a new statement from our Russian partners Kviku. One of the main priorities in our work is transparency and we take actions to have more transparency in the current situation.

We are about to publish statements regarding the current stability of all credit companies we work with, as well as the holding we are part of – Management Financial Group (MFG).

“At MFG we continue to monitor closely the conflict in Ukraine which is already affecting the markets globally and to a different extent, and we adjust our business accordingly.

The MFG holding, our companies and their operations continue to be stable for over 17 years now and we are always ready to face any challenges that the current situation presents. The economic and financial indicators of the Group reflect on our steady and sustainable current condition and ambitious growth plans. As the investors on iuvo platform are well aware, we handle successfully various business models on different markets including Bulgaria, Poland, North Macedonia, Spain and Romania. To provide the best value to our stakeholders we have always kept our numerous business operations separate and they do not affect each other but greatly benefit from the Group’s know-how, resources, resilience and versatility. As always, the Group guarantees the loans listed on iuvo by our originators Easy Credit, Viva Credit, iCredit Romania, iCredit Poland and Access Finance.”

Antonia Sabeva – CEO

Below you will find statements from the CEOs of Easy Credit and Access Finance:

Easy Credit

“Our goals remain ambitious and we are ready to face the challenges of the current situation”

Galin Todorov and Angel Madzhirov – CEOs

The first originator on iuvo since July 2016

As of today, Easy Asset Management (known in Bulgaria under the brand name Easy Credit) is in stable state and good financial health. The company is active on the Bulgarian market since 2005 and it is a recognized leader in the field of home-collected loans, with hundreds of thousands of happy and loyal clients, and ambitions for continuous growth on the market. Our results for 2021 confirm that, as the company had not just one or two new records from its founding until now.

The significant indicators for 2021 are:

  • Increased product portfolio;
  • Record volume of issued loans (14% growth in comparison with 2020);
  • Record volume of utilized principal (27% growth in comparison with 2020);
  • Record number of insurances with loans;
  • Record number of repeat clients (29%);
  • Better conditions for our teams, including new benefits and updated remuneration.

The goals for this year remain ambitious despite the uncertain international circumstances and we believe that we have the skills, knowledge and the approach to face the challenges, as we:

  • Continue to be close to the people and to establish strong relationships, based on trust and regular feedback;
  • Successfully realize our mobile app project for credit consultants, which makes the work of our colleagues easier and gives us a huge competitive advantage;
  • Increase the collection and efficiency in the work with our clients.

Access Finance

“At the moment there are no negative tendencies in the business of the company”

Tsvetan Krastev – CEO

Originator on iuvo since July 2021

Access Finance has no operations, clients, and partners in countries, connected with the conflict in Ukraine, therefore, it does not affect the current results of the company. Access Finance is on the market for nearly 10 years, which includes couple of European markets, where we have successfully built a system for daily tracking of each key indicator. The collectability and our portfolio quality are under constant monitoring and at the moment, there are no negative tendencies.

In the past two years, Access Finance had to operate in a period of a global financial and economic crisis, caused by the pandemic of COVID-19, which the company successfully overcame by implementing plenty of flexible and individual methods to approach clients who are experiencing difficulties. The focus of our company remains on acquiring new clients and increasing the satisfaction and the loyalty of our current clients. Exceptional accent in the past few months and in our long-term plans is the digitalization of the clients, providing them with digital credit cards and encouraging the mobile repayments.

Please follow our blog for the upcoming statements of the rest of our partners.

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