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What are the business results of Kviku as of Q1 2022 after the start of the conflict Russia – Ukraine?

The complicated relationship between Russia and Ukraine in Q1 of 2022 directly affected not only the two countries, but the entire world as well.
As a company that operates in Russia, Kviku took timely actions to keep the trends for positive development of the company.
Today, our partners share their results for Q1 2022, and from the statement of Nikita Lomakin, CEO of Kviku, you can learn more about:

  • The company keeps the trends for growth in profit compared to Q1 2021, despite the complicated geopolitical circumstances;
  • Stable business operations and conservative approach in portfolio growth;
  • Future plans for expansion in the second half of 2022.

See the results HERE. Read the statement HERE.

We continue to inform you regarding the situation with the imposed sanctions on and by the Russian Federation and the practical possibilities for receiving payments from Kviku. Get familiar with the taken steps and what needs to happen next for this purpose HERE.

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