iuvo: Record-breaking results in 2023

Happy New Year! May all of you be healthy and have successful investments! We are thankful to all that chose iuvo for their savings again this year.

2023 was a year of breaking records and having ambitious new projects. In the following rows below, we will present information about the growth of iuvo during the past year.

Record-breaking results

Several records were made in 2023 regarding the new added funds to the platform by investors. April 2023 is the most successful month in the 7-year history of iuvo in terms of net (added funds minus withdrawals) added new funds by investors. August 2023 is the strongest month in the history of iuvo in term of gross sum of newly added funds, and second place in terms of net added funds, after April 2023. August also has the first place in terms of gross and net total amount of added funds by new investors in the history of iuvo, second place goes to November 2023.
2023 is the year with the highest average added net amount by new investors in the 7-year history of iuvo. Compared to 2022, this amount has increased with 55%.

Overall amount of added net funds to iuvo: over 25% growth;
Cumulative invested amount: 440 222 373 EUR and 31% growth compared to the previous period;
Net portfolio of the currently invested funds: 27% growth;
Paid interest in 2023: 3 186 581 EUR and over 77% growth compared to 2022;
Paid bonuses in 2023: 84 167 EUR;
Total number of investors: 42 236 and 22% growth;
Number of listed loans in 2023: 388 533;
Sum of listed loans in 2023: 138 869 170 EUR;
Cumulative sum of listed loans on iuvo: 814 262 413 EUR;
Interest rates: between 5% and 13% on annual basis.

Our results were definitely noticed and we are proud that we won the prestigious award of B2B Media for Fintech company of 2023 in Bulgaria.

iuvoSAVE – save and earn

The alternative for your savings – iuvoSAVE, offers fixed annual interest and fixed period, as well as a quick liquidity option. It is easy, just a few clicks, and previous experience is not needed to save and earn.
The products of iuvoSAVE are becoming more and more popular and more investors, current and new ones, choose them as their preferred way of generating passive income from the savings. The funds invested with iuvoSAVE now take 20% of iuvo’s portfolio for just over a year and a half!

The variants for you are:
– 5% annual return and 3 months period;
– 6% annual return and 6 months period;
– 7% annual return and 12 months period.

At iuvo, we have always loved providing more opportunities for additional profit, and this year we even provided such for investments with iuvoSAVE. Campaigns for products with higher interest and raffles with prizes made investors even more interested in the product.

iuvoHOME – new stage of iuvo’s growth

For 7 years, iuvo successfully became one of the most popular and fast-growing P2P markets in Europe, we also offered the savings alternative iuvoSAVE. We asked ourselves what is next, what else can we do and where more to grow.

IuvoHOME is a partnership between iuvo and Viva Credit. Together, we offer mortgage loans, so the borrowers can put order in their financial matters.

Recently, iuvoHOME became an originator on our P2P market. The investors already took advantage of the attractive terms of the first loans of iuvoHOME.

What is next for iuvo in 2024?

One of the most interesting projects we are working on and which we strive to present in 2024, is a mobile app for your savings with iuvoSAVE! We want you to have an easy and convenient way to save and earn wherever you are.

We heavily work on expanding our P2P market and providing more opportunities for investing. Currently, we are in negotiations with several lending companies, so you can have more options for attractive return and diversification.

We also will continue to provide opportunities for higher profit, bonuses and prizes, in order for you to get the maximum out of your funds on iuvo. We have prepared different campaigns, which will give everyone a change to take advantage and to increase their profit with iuvo.

We also work on other projects, which we will share more about when their final stage is closer.

Thank you, everyone, for your trust! May iuvo continue to be the preferred place for your savings.

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