iuvoHOME: New beginning in the history of iuvo

2023 is definitely very successful for iuvo with the two strongest months in our 7 years of history – April and August. Parallel with the growth of our P2P market and iuvoSAVE, we work on other projects, and we are happy to present you one of them now.

IuvoHOME is the name of the new originator on iuvo!

IuvoHOME is a partnership between iuvo and Viva Credit. Together we provide financing to the clients of iuvoHOME with real estate collateral for consolidation of obligations, covering incurred expenses, and financing of investment projects.

What do you get with investing in loans of iuvoHOME?

  • Investment in secured loans with real estate;
  • Annual interest between 7% and 8%;
  • Score class A;
  • 60-day buyback on principal and interest by iuvo and Viva Credit;
  • Group guarantee by MFG.

We just recently launched iuvoHOME but the first granted loans are already available on our market. With the growth of iuvoHOME, the number of its loans available on the market will also grow.

IuvoHOME is your opportunity to diversify your investments with mortgage loans by iuvo and Viva Credit.

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