How can diversifying your funds help them grow on iuvo?

Diversification is an inseparable part of the experienced investor’s strategy. It helps in achieving the targeted profit and it gives you stability and safety. Regardless of the type of investments you choose, it is important to diversify. You hear that pretty often from our team.

–  Why is it important?

–  What are the possibilities for diversification on iuvo?

–  What is important to know before you create your strategy?

These are part of the questions, which we are going to answer. Some time ago, we shared with you what are the benefits of including P2P investments to your portfolio.

Diversification of your investments is the choice to invest funds in different types of assets that are offered by different companies. The bigger the number of the financial instruments is, the better the risk is distributed. The alternatives are becoming more and more and it is important to constantly find the right useful information in order to make the right choices for your funds.

How to diversify on iuvo?
We provide you with different opportunities and you are the one that chooses how to combine them. We will tell you the main ways you can spread the risk when investing with us.

You can invest in different currencies: BGN, EUR, PLN, RON, RUB. As you may know, the BGN is fixed to the EUR with a currency board, which means that investing in these two currencies has minimum risk and at the same time – increases your possibilities. The rest of the currencies are volatile – their exchange rate to EUR can change. This means that when investing in them, you should consider their rate at the moment and to keep in mind that it may change in the future.
The real-time Currency Exchange tool gives you the possibility to convert to all of the currencies, stated above, just with couple of clicks.

The profit you can receive starts from 5% on annual basis and goes up to 20%, depending on the loans you choose to be part of your portfolio. This means that you can diversify your funds in different score classes, depending on the probability of default of the borrower. We strongly recommend you to invest in most or all score classes. This way you create a balanced portfolio of loans.

The main way to diversify your funds is to invest in more originators. We are working on adding more companies where you can invest your funds and at the same, we are applying the strictest practices for their selection and monitoring. Easy Credit, Viva Credit, iCredit Poland, and iCredit Romania – these are the originators owned by Management Financial Group (MFG) – the holding that iuvo is also part of. The rest of our originator, which we actively work with, can also offer you great possibilities for diversification – personal loans, mortgage loans, and business loans with different maturity and borrowers’ score class.

You have all the information. What is your next step? How can you diversify your funds, based on the facts we share and your research? Iuvo gives you the opportunity to contact the team directly by phone, chat, and email. You will get useful tips and answers to all your questions. Take advantage!

Start now!

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