Iuvo: An alternative way to make profit on your free capital with high return rate

After more than a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic, more and more people are considering more seriously how to manage their money and various opportunities to make profit on their free capital. Traditional financial institutions sometimes are a step behind in offering attractive and technological solutions to their customers. Also, the introduction of additional fees and the transformation of medium-term deposit products into current or savings accounts motivate more and more people to find new solutions for managing their money and for passive income. Within five years since it was established, iuvo* has proven to be a reliable partner to users of P2P lending with a diverse portfolio of loan originators and loans and an average annual return of 9,2%.**

Advantages of P2P financing:

– better conditions for all participants in the process;

– higher profit for investors compared to other financial products;

– flexible use of your money;

– fully online interactive money management platform – fast, easy and convenient.

With iuvo you can increase your assets not only based on interest rate, but also based on additional bonuses and various privileges you will receive.

Each new user who joins iuvo* can take advantage of the Welcome bonus campaign. You need to deposit at least EUR 100 or their equivalent in another currency to your account, and then invest actively in loans for at least 2 months. The bonus that each new user will receive is 0.75% of the difference between all money transfers and withdrawals made within 60 days from the date of the first deposit.

If you would like to share your success with friends, learn here how to receive an additional bonus of up to EUR 150 as part of the Refer-a-Friend Program. Your friends will also get a bonus.

For already active and loyal investors, the company provides additional opportunities. If you increase the amount in your account by EUR 2 000 or more, you will receive a 1% bonus in 60 days, if you have not withdrawn money in the last 90 days. The maximum bonus you can get is EUR 500. You will receive the bonus in your personal account within 7 days after you meet all conditions and after the end of the 60-day period. And if you are a Gold Club member, bonus rates will increase.

Gold Club membership provides an additional opportunity to achieve higher profit using the platform and to take advantage of additional privileges. As a club member you will receive priority investing, information in advance, faster processing of deposits and withdrawals, which allows you to invest in the most attractive loans on the platform in accordance with your goals. You can learn more about the other advantages of Gold Club here.

Find the best solutions for you and your money with iuvo*.

* The platform’s activity is not regulated by laws concerning investment brokers. The funds transferred to the user profile on the platform are not deposits and are not protected by the law.

** The specified rate of return is not guaranteed.

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