Your first investments on iuvo will bring you up to 150 EUR bonus

The article has been updated on 01.06.2021.

You are a new investor on iuvo or you have registered long ago but you have not decided when to start?
We would like to make you happy with the news that we launch our first bonus campaign for new investors, which we created for you!

Get a “Welcome” bonus up to 150 EUR in two simple steps:

– Deposit 100 EUR or more (or the equivalent amount in another currency) to your account. You can deposit the funds at once or with separate transactions;

– Invest actively in loans for minimum 2 months.

What bonus will you get?

– The bonus is 0.75% of the difference between all deposits and withdrawals you have made in 60 days after the date of your first deposit;

– The bonus will be in your account within 7 working days after the 60-day period ends.

Full Terms and Conditions of the program can be found HERE

This is only your first reason to start. Get familiar with all our active campaigns and generate the profit you want!

Our team will be happy to assist you with your strategy. We can discuss how you can set your criteria in order to reach your goals.
Start now and invest with iuvo!

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