Be a loyal investor on iuvo and get a bonus up to 500 EUR

We follow the maxim that says: “If one desires to receive, one first must give”. This is why each day we give you plenty of reasons to be part of iuvo.
2021 started with a bonus campaign for all investors! Our originators Easy Credit and iCredit Poland continued with the bonuses with a campaign for investing in their loans. And in the beginning of May, the first “Welcome” bonus campaign on iuvo was launched.

Besides IUVO GOLD CLUB, which offers 10 additional privileges to its members, starting today (01.06.2021) we launch a bonus program for all investors on iuvo that have been actively investing and have not reduced their balance in the past 3 months.

What does the program consist of?

Increase the amount in your account with 2000 EUR or more. In 60 days, you will get 1% bonus of it if you have not withdrawn in the past 90 days.
Please be aware that this is the highest maximum amount of a bonus on iuvo ever. It can get up to 500 EUR.

However, if you are part of the GOLD club, your bonus will be 2% and its maximum amount can get up to 750 EUR!

You will receive the bonus in your account within 7 days after fulfilling all terms and after the 60-day period without withdrawals ends.

The higher your invested amount is, the higher your bonus would be.

See the full terms of the program for loyal investors HERE.

We provide you with the best offers every time. Take advantage now with iuvo!

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