Your new investments in iCredit Poland bring you 1% bonus and up to €150

Our team will make you happy with another campaign that comes directly from an originator on iuvo – iCredit Poland. Together with our partners we offer you better terms for investing and up to 150 EUR bonus! iCredit Poland, part of the holding MFG, starts a bonus campaign for the period
17.05.2021 – 10.06.2021.

The loans of the company bring you the highest interest rate in EUR and PLN, buyback, and a group guarantee provided by the holding Management Financial Group.

Now iCredit Poland gives you the opportunity to get 1% bonus for your newly deposited and invested funds with just a few easy steps.

What is necessary to do?

– Deposit minimum 150 EUR in the period 17.05 – 31.05.2021.

– Create a new Auto Invest portfolio specifically for investing in iCredit Poland for the period of the campaign and do not pause it until 10.06.2021. If you still have not created your Auto Invest strategy, our team is happy to help.

– Invest the deposited amount only in iCredit Poland loans and keep the portfolio active at least until 10.06.2021 inclusive. It is important to invest constantly with your portfolio in this period in order to fulfill the conditions of the campaign.

– Between 11.06.2021 and 18.06.2021 the bonus will be in your profile. The amount will be equal to 1% of the difference of your newly deposited and invested funds in iCredit Poland in the period 17.05-31.05.2021 and your withdrawals by 10.06.2021.
The bonus can get up to 150 EUR. Invest it in loans at least once.

Another opportunity for better terms for your funds on iuvo is waiting for you! You choose how much you want to get.

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