Get familiar with Management Financial Group, which stays behind iuvo

Management Financial Group (MFG)

MFG is a constantly evolving fintech business that operates on a pan-European level. The companies in the Group are successfully growing in the field of consumer lending, financing of SMEs, digital lending, payment services, and other alternative financial products and services. Giving access to finances to large groups of people that deserve better chance in life is the successful strategy for the growth of the financial institutions in the Group, which includes 20 companies at the moment, with over 450 offices and over 8300 employees and credit consultants in Central and Eastern Europe. In the Group’s portfolio are included brands like Easy Credit, White Card (“Biala karta”), Viva Credit, Fintrade, Prospect Capital, the P2P lending platform iuvo, the technological hub SmartIT, which helps the Group and develops innovative solutions in the field of payments and lending, and other companies as well. The upcoming plans of the Group include new fintech solutions for individual and business clients, and the ongoing expansion on the International markets.

The shareholders

Nedelcho Spasov and Stanimir Vasilev are the majority shareholders and chairmen of the Board of directors of Management Financial Group (MFG) – nonbank financial institution, which incorporates a Group of over 20 companies with over 450 offices and over 8300 employees and credit consultants in Central and Eastern Europe. They are in the business for over 15 years and are driven by the belief that all people must have access to financial services, education, and healthcare, and their entrepreneur spirit is in the base of the companies in the Group. Together they founded Easy Asset Management AD (aka the brand Easy Credit) in 2005. Stanimir has graduated in Electronic technologies and Microelectronics at the Technical University of Sofia, and then Finance at UNWE Sofia. Nedelcho has a master’s degree in Economics and Industry Management at UNWE Sofia. Both of them have master’s degree of Business Administration at INSEAD.

Originators, part of the Group

Easy Credit (Easy Asset Management AD) is founded in 2005 and it has been a trusted helper to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the years. The company is an innovator in the field of consumer lending with visits in the home of the client. The mission of the company to provide responsible and transparent, fast and accessible lending remains the same to date. In the base of the success of Easy Credit are the ethical values, high moral standards and responsibility towards the client.

The strong competitive advantage of the company is in the possibility to serve its clients personally and fast, including online. Easy Credit is among the most famous brands for consumer lending in Bulgaria today, with recognizability on a national level of 75% according to the traditional research for the consumer attitude, conducted by the company.

Viva Credit (Viva Credit OOD) is one of the established lending companies in Bulgaria for 8 years. The nonbank financial institution for consumer lending works with a network of offices and partners in the entire country. The company strictly follows its principles and professional attitude towards the clients and quickness in providing financial services. The diversity of financial products and a possibility for a mortgage loan gives Viva Credit a competitive advantage on the market. The experts of the company insist on being technologically oriented and encourage the online lending by providing the clients with an easy-to-use platform.

iCredit is the brand under which the division for “home lending” of the Group operates abroad. The comfort for the client is in receiving the money fast, directly at their home or at another convenient address. The first office of the brand opens in 2009 in Ukraine. Then it is the company in Romania in 2011 and Poland in 2014. Today iCredit Romania has over 1400 employees and credit consultants and iCredit Poland – over 450 employees and credit consultants. All of them are united under the mission to provide accessible lending fast and convenient. Since its founding to date, iCredit Romania is one of the most popular companies for fast lending services in Romania. The business model of iCredit Romania is based on the direct contact with the client, thanks to the “home lending”, where the scoring, contract signing and receiving the loan happens in the home of the client in a convenient time for them. This way a bond of trust is built between the client and the credit consultant. In the base of the mission of the company is the responsible and informed lending, which is the exact reason for tens of thousands of people to trust iCredit Romania for the financing of their everyday needs.

The mission of iCredit Poland is to help its clients with their temporary financial difficulties by providing fast and responsible lending, as well as to be the company that the clients first call when they need solutions to their financial difficulties. The company offers personal loans through an individual approach and it has over tens of thousands of loyal clients.

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