Update from iuvo about CBC and BBG

At iuvo, we continue taking all possible legal measures to protect the interest of our investor and recover their funds in CBC and BBG – the credit companies, which iuvo ceased work with. The legal actions are in motion. All steps we took at the moment are coordinated and managed by the Legal Department of Management Financial Group – the holding, which stays behind the platform. Our colleagues work with international legal consultants and partners. Months ago, an out-of-court offer was sent to BBG and CBC, which was going to speed-up the process of recovering the funds but they did not respond. Unfortunately, the global pandemic is severely slowing down all legal work, as it is happening in many other parts of the public life.

We will continue sharing the up-to-date information regarding both cases and we hope that soon our actions we have their positive outcome. Protecting the interest of the investors is the main focus of our work and our daily efforts are directed towards iuvo to keep being the best place for your funds.

Iuvo remains the P2P platform with the strictest rules for adding new loan originators on its market. By our initiative, a wide dialogue is underway with other leading platforms, industry organizations, and institutions for the structuring and implementation of unified best practices. Our goal is to have standardized requirements in P2P platform. With this initiative, we would to help the current and the future investors in our type of assets to recognize the trustworthy participants in the market and to spread their investments right.

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