Top business sectors that our investors come from

In iuvo we are pleased to say that our more than 13,000 investors come from a variety of business sectors. We are proud that our platform has diverse functionalities that attract people of various professional background, age, technological experience and geographical location. For that reason the we have customer support in different languages, depending on our partners and their location – Germany, Estonia, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria and Romania.*

As you already know – registering at iuvo as investor is easy and the documents required for your identification are standard documents used for verification in this type of portals – identification document (identity card) and contact address. All investors in iuvo are adults (individuals or legal entities) over the age of 18 who have a valid bank account within the European Union or in a third country using EU AML/CFT systems. The platform applies user identification measures which primary aim to prevent money laundering. Our team gets to know well all investors via their personal account managers. Personal data is collected in compliance with all applicable legal requirements. The platform provides site users with full information about these processes. You may receive comprehensive information on all matters related to documents and identification by contacting us at [email protected].

From the launch of iuvo, we use the Know Your Client principle, which we apply on a daily basis. Our Customer Service department strictly reviews documents submitted by companies and individuals who want to register with the platform. Analysis of this information shows that approximately 70% of users registered with the platform are top managers at an average age of 37 years. Almost half of the investors, who provided information about their professional background, work in one of the following five business sectors – business and advisory services, IT, medicine, bank and finance, and trade. Almost 70% of the investors are representatives of 10 business sectors – the above mentioned five sectors, as well as architecture, construction and urban planning, accounting and audit, manufacture, administrative services and education.**

Most investors in iuvo use the platform’s promo offers, such as Refer a Friend and Gold Club, as well as offers for lowering the buy-back guarantee period and for no deposit fee when selecting a certain deposit method. High proportion of investors choose to contact iuvo’s support team, trusting their guidance in the process of building successful investment strategies.

Large proportion of investors prefer manual investing, however the proportion of those referring to auto investing keeps on growing, as investors understand its advantages and entrust their investment strategy to iuvo’s filters. As a comparison, a marketing analyst at an average age of 28-35 years who prefers manual investing would make an average deposit of EUR 2,500, whereas a healthcare manager at an age of 45-55 years, who uses only auto investing and continuous reinvesting, would prefer to invest in maximum number of loans.

The diversity of business sectors in iuvo also includes legal and insurance services, pharmaceutics, energetics, telecommunications, public administration, human resources, transport, aviation, motor vehicles and logistics. We even have investors from sectors like science, sports, show business, tourism, restaurant industry, art, design, animation and video production. Our investors have various professional background, age and origin, but what they have in common is their ambition for high profitability and willingness to keep pace with new technologies.

* the number of countries and investors in iuvo keeps on growing.
** this statistics is based on dynamic data which apply for the current moment but may differ when measured again in future.

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