The list of creditors of CBC, among which is iuvo, is promulgated.

As you know, after iuvo and other creditors of CBC successfully stopped the pre-pack purchase of the company with the needed legal actions, we cooperated to start a remedial procedure and a thorough internal audit of CBC. In the course of the procedure, the list of creditors of CBC, which includes iuvo, was submitted in the court. As expected, this list was promulgated in the state newspaper of Poland and with that started the process for preparing a plan for the restructuring of the company by the appointed by the court Administrator. Parallel with that, there is an ongoing process of gathering information and evaluating the company’s credit portfolio, with the purpose to realize this plan. We continue to inform you about the development in the case with CBC and the following actions for the repayment of their debt to the investors and the platform.

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