Seven investment gifts from the iuvo team

Christmas is just around the corner, and the iuvo team has a few presents for our dear users. It`s something that can help compensate for all the money you’ve spent on presents, cards and fancy wrappings, but it will serve you even better in the long run. However, for the gift to be useful, you still have to use it wisely and get into an investment kind of mindset. Our gift to you is this article of seven valuable investment tips from each member of the iuvo team. The tips provide brief information on each member and present his unique perception on the p2p investment field, providing insights that can make your investments even more profitable.

So, get comfortable, pour yourself a nice hot cup of cocoa and read on.

1. “Try to regularly allocate a separate portion of your salary that won`t affect your monthly budget. By doing so, you will have a savings budget that can help you make a trip or realize another dream in the future.”

From Nikolina Ivanova – an integral part of our support team. She`s always dedicated to providing the best services to our clients and likes taking on new challenges. Nikolina is a fan of good the cinema and literature.

2. “Automate! The easiest way to achieve your short and long-term financial goals, if they are defined, is to automate the investment process. By using the automatic investment feature on the Iuvo platform you save up a lot of time by not re-investing your funds by yourself, but you also keep your portfolio diversified to achieve optimal profitability. This functionality enables you to manage your investment strategy in a quick, easy and efficient way. After that, you can simply relax and watch your money do all the work for you!”

From Miroslav Metodiev – the latest addition to our team and the person responsible for the well-being of the whole project. Miroslav has extensive experience in bank and nonbank financial institutions and is interested in anything related to financial markets.

3. “Fully utilize the opportunities we present to you. Try out new strategies with different currencies, originators and loan rating classes. Always benchmark your results and draw conclusions.”

From Vladimira Lulova – the person who manages our customer support team and makes sure, that each of our clients gets the information he needs. She has over seven years of experience in developing support teams and believes that work develops positive qualities in a person.

4. “Don’t hesitate to invest in loans that have a “late” status. By doing so, you can capitalize on the lucrative expiration taxes and achieve great profitability.”

From Daniela Yordanova – a vital part of the iuvo team who`s been with us for over a year. She likes reading books, doing sports and getting to know new people.

5. “Reinvest! You should always, immediately reinvest any funds available in your account, regardless of whether you use the automatic investment feature or invest manually on the Primary market. Reinvesting is the best approach for achieving high profitability and the shortest path to unlocking the potential of compound interest.”

From Ivan Milev – a member of the team since the very beginning. Ivan is the person responsible for improving the overall user experience on the platform and integrating useful new functionalities. He has extensive experience in many business-related fields and has worked with internationally acclaimed companies and institutions.

6. “Use iuvo to diversify your investment basket. Don`t forget that a good long-term investment is achieved through a well-diversified investment portfolio. Iuvo offers you exactly that, a secure option that brings high profitability. Of course, you can invest in volatile instruments such as currencies, shares or stocks, or you can also follow the speculative wave of investing in cryptocurrencies. I will always be a fan of speculative trading on financial markets, but that doesn`t mean you shouldn`t hedge the risk. In my opinion, any speculative profit should be reinvested in iuvo, where you get a high return, and your investment is secure.”

From Hristo Andreev – the person responsible for all marketing related tasks at iuvo. He has extensive professional experience in both financial companies and start-ups. In his free time, Hristo likes to snowboard and get lost in the woods.

7. “Use the full potential of the platform by experimenting with the auto-invest filters. For example, you can create a quick liquidity filter by setting your portfolio to invest only in weekly credits that have four payments left until they`re paid off. You can stop the filter and all profit on related investments will be regained in 4 weeks, which can be a great help in time of financial need. You can also implement this approach with biweekly or monthly loans.”

From Ivaylo Ivanov – the CEO of the company. Ivaylo has deep faith in the value of iuvo as a platform that can help its users regain control over their finances and enable them to make the best decisions regarding their financial stability. He is a passionate fin- tech expert with extensive experience in business development, consultation and project management.

We hope that you`ve found these gifts useful and apply them to your investment process. With that being said, we`d like to wish you very happy holidays and a celebration filled with laughter and festive spirit. Let 2018 be a year during which you achieve all your financial goals and dreams!

Happy Holidays

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