Why investing in p2p lending is right for you

P2P lending might sound confusing or unreliable to someone who is not familiar with the concept or hasn`t tried it personally. In reality, it is a reliable long-term investment method that will make you feel grateful for giving it a go. The purpose of this article is to examine the factors that turn p2p lending into such a great investment opportunity and see exactly who can benefit most from it. Perhaps it will turn out to be the thing you`ve been looking for all along.

Iuvo as your p2p lending partner

At iuvo, we continuously aim to present our customers with the best investment options and provide the optimum return on it. You can think of us as a trusted partner who always finds the best way to gain profits on free capital and expand your horizons. This is achieved by making the platform as efficient as possible, but also by negotiating the best terms with our partnering originators and extending our portfolio of investment opportunities. Just recently we included the option to invest in Romanian Lei thanks to our partnership with a new originator – iCredit.

Better Opportunity than Most Investment Options

P2P lending presents a new take on long-term investment and addresses many of the limitations that other such opportunities have. Current existing investment opportunities such as banks offer almost non-existent returns, whereas other risky and highly volatile options such as Forex trading give you very little control and virtually no predictability. With p2p lending however you can be sure in the slow, but steady return on your initial investment, while also being ensured that your money is safe by the buy-back guarantee. There is no need to try and decipher complicated charts or follow economic fluctuations. Plainly put, it is the kind of investment your future self would be thankful for. The returns offered on the iuvo platform go above the average for most platforms, reaching up to 15.22% annually.

Another significant aspect of p2p lending is predictability. Depending on how much you`re willing to invest and the type of loans you choose, you can calculate the expected annual return with close to perfect accuracy. Furthermore, with P2P lending you can easily adjust the level of risk based on your preferences. If you are more risk averse you can invest in A and B rated loans which yield a smaller but safer return. But as we`ve mentioned before, the buy-back guarantee protects your funds and turns the investment into D, E or HR rated loans more preferable and lucrative.

Simple Automated Investment Process

The platform enables you to adjust every step of the process and handcraft your investment portfolio as you deem fit or simply use the auto invest feature. We recommend the auto invest feature to all of our users, regardless of whether they`re just getting started or if they`re seasoned investors. You merely need to input your preferences, and the system does the rest, following your instructions and investing in the type of loans you`ve selected. The most significant benefit is that it saves time and once you make the adjustments it does all the work by itself. You can modify the auto invest preferences anytime you like.

Long-Term Flexible Investment

One of the best aspects of investing in peer-to-peer lending is the low threshold of entry which enables you to start investing with a minimal amount of money. You can start with the minimum, which is just 10 BGN or 5 EUR and decide for yourself if it`s the right thing for you. Another vital aspect to take into consideration is portfolio diversification. The ability to handpick the loans you invest in enables you to diversify the risk and see what combinations work best. This is just one of the aspects that make p2p lending very flexible. Although it`s a long-term investment opportunity, it`s all about the small steps that make up the whole process. Regular investments with small amounts per loan and a diversified portfolio is the approach that is most likely to yield best results over time. P2P also presents a great deal of flexibility due to the short-term nature of the loans. It enables the investor to adjust his strategy quickly if he sees that something is not going as planned.

Who should invest in p2p lending?

P2P lending is suitable for who is looking for a safe and lucrative method to capitalize on his savings, all that is needed is patience and motivation. In our experience, the profile of the investor who is most inclined to be successful in the long run is usually a male, in his 30s’ with a general interest in finance, investment or technology. But even if you don`t fall into that category, all you need is motivation and a mindset for profit.


If you approach investing in p2p lending with preparation and patience, you can expect stable returns that are hard to match by other investment opportunities. Remember that it`s all about the long-term.

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