NordCard – performance of the company as of H1’ 21

We have shared that NordCard is one of our most innovative partners and together we have focused on the same values for business growth – transparency, perfectionism, teamwork and customer care. Today, our Latvian partners present you their financial results as of H1’21 and a business statement.

You can find out more about:

– The degree of influence of the Covid restrictions on the Latvian market.

– Prognosis for business growth by March 2022.

– Reached pre-crisis level of newly granted loans.

– Iuvo-NordCard and how our partnership leads to an upward trend in revenue.

More detailed information can be found in the provided reports and statement by the company HERE and HERE. Together with NordCard, we strive to find even better opportunities for your funds.

Expect the next one of our regular updates about the performance of our loan originators because at iuvo, we strive to be as useful as possible to our clients by providing information directly from our partners.

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