New withdrawal terms

According to your feedback, iuvo’s strongest suit is customer service. This applies for the colleagues who assist you with your investments, as well as the team who is responsible for strictly following the AML/CFT regulations.
The processing of all deposits and withdrawals, and other needed procedures, is done on time. It was like that even in the beginning of the pandemic, and all requests were processed without any delays.

Offering quality and fast services requires periodic optimization of our processes. Precisely for the purpose of optimization, we implement the right to have 2 free withdrawals of available funds per month. All following withdrawal requests in the same month are subject to a fee.

After the 2 free withdrawals per month, all subsequent withdrawals will be charged, as follows:
1 EUR, 2 BGN, 5 RON, 5 PLN.

The fee is effective as of 15.04.2022 and is valid for all withdrawals after the 2 free ones per month.

There is change in the minimum amount you can withdraw, as follows: 10 EUR, 10 BGN, 25 RON, 25 PLN. In order to request a withdrawal after the 2 free ones, it is needed to have enough available funds that will cover the minimum withdrawal amount and the withdrawal fee.
Example: To withdraw 10 EUR, it is needed to have 11 EUR available in your balance.

We would like to clarify again that you have the right of 2 free withdrawals in the same month.
Example: You request your first withdrawal for the month on 29.04 and the second one on 30.04. This means that you can request another free of charge withdrawal on 01.05.

Get familiar with the updated User Terms HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact our team.

We continue to provide quality and fast service. Thank you for choosing iuvo!

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