3 myths about P2P investments

Myths guide us in every aspect of life and investments are not an exception. Check out the three P2P investment myths that may have restrained you from making your first investments or may have prevented you from obtaining the maximum return that this kind of investment provides.

Myth N°1

You have to start with a large sum

This deception can make any novice investor quit before he has even started investing. It disturbs plenty of investors that do not have to be millionaires in order to start investing their funds adequately and to obtain their return.

One of the great advantages of P2P platforms is exactly this – anyone can invest in them with a sum of their choice (the minimum investment threshold is defined individually by the platform)

In order to start investing in a single loan or a part of it at iuvo, you will need exactly 10 Bulgarian Levs or 10 Euros. This allows you to begin with smaller sums while familiarizing with the platform until you feel confident and calm enough when you are working with us and generating your return.

Myth N°2

These are investments that require specific knowledge and skills and you won’t be able to handle them

There’s nothing new or complex in the business model of peer-to-peer platforms. They connect investors with borrowers who look for funding. Iuvo works with originators, non-banking financial institutions with long-standing experience, which list on the platform the loans they have lent. Investors can view details of every loan and invest in it, if they want to.

These platforms are part of the fintech revolution, which completely altered the shape of financial services in the past few years and made them more accessible and flexible. That’s why investing in iuvo does not require any previous experience or a specific skillset. Of course, if you can obtain the maximum from the invested funds you will have to study the basics. You can read advice from top experts in the field here.

Myth N°3

P2P investments are strongly insecure

Every P2P platform is different and utilizes different mechanisms to guarantee stability and predictability for its investors.

One of the methods that iuvo uses is the buyback guarantee that we have for all of our loans. It guarantees that the principal amount invested in each loan that has been delayed over sixty days will be refunded.

Besides the buyback guarantee, originators keep a part of each loan for themselves that has been listed on the platform (i.e. the loan is not funded a hundred percent by the investors). That guarantees their engagement anytime throughout the entire process while the loan is being paid out.

P2P platforms are becoming a more popular and accessible method to make your money work for you. Depending on the risk profile, you may use them as alternative to a bank deposit while investing in low-risk loans with small but stable return, or to generate high annual return while building your portfolio with appropriate loans. Start investing today!

The funds invested via the platform are not deposits and therefore they are neither protected by the law, nor their return is guaranteed. The platform’s activity is not legislatively regulated by laws concerning investment brokers.

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