Meet iuvo: Georgi Natov

Тoday you get to meet Georgi – customer service specialist at iuvo, fluent in Bulgarian and German, who answers even the toughest questions with a smile on his face.  He told us more about his professional and personal achievements.

What is your professional background?

During my studies, I gained experience in sales and customer service working in a tool shop as a sales consultant. It turned out that I was able to combine work with pleasure, because the experience gained at that time is quite useful to me now. I hold a degree in Engineering Design and for 4 years, I’ve worked in my specialty at two different design studios. I was given the opportunity to learn and practice German 3.5 years ago and since then, I have been working in the field of services using German and Bulgarian.

How did you start working at iuvo?

Sooner or later everyone needs a change. An application for a job took me to an office where I never came back, because my first working day was also Iuvo’s first working day at their new office, which overpasses the old one, especially in terms of location. My future colleagues and managers seemed to me like positive people who are able to skillfully combine efficiency with a pleasant work atmosphere. Now, one year later, I am more and more convinced that I was right.

What do you do when you are not at work?

At present, I spend my free time with my firstborn son, a newborn. In general, I like to repair various things, i.e. to repair my car or the car of any of my friends, and I can do it myself for example. I also like picnicking or tenting in the summer and skiing in the winter. When I stay at home or my workshop in the village, I like to create or draw any useful or exquisite objects.

Do you have a special talent?

Painting and sculpting. As far as I know from the people around me, I also have a great talent for making big parties.

Do you invest in something?

I do not miss many opportunities to learn something new, whether for a fee or free of charge. There is a saying that the only wealth no one can steal from you is what you have learned. Therefore, I will allow myself to use the cliché ‘I invest in myself’. In general, I invest in iuvo and in the near future, I intend to invest in green power plants as well.

What is the best piece of advice you could give new users in iuvo?

If you have free funds, invest them because either inflation or bank charges will ‘steal’ them from you. And diversify. The more investments, the more security. And how to do that? Ask the person responsible for making you well informed. The platform offers personal support via phone, chat, or email, which is a rarity. Take this opportunity!

Let us finish with an existential question. Which came first, the chicken or the egg and why?

First, it was a microscopic egg, and so evolution made this question so existential.

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