Iuvo submitted a letter of claim in Estonia to collect the debt of Lumen Investments (AS Monify)

We are informing you that we have submitted a letter of claim to the Court in Estonia in order to start legal actions against AS Lumen Investments.

To protect the interest of our investors, iuvo also submitted a request for imposition of precautionary measures on all bank accounts of AS Lumen Investments on the territory of Estonia. We are reminding you that AS Lumen Investments is the new name of AS Monify, which we already shared after we received an official letter from the company at the end of last year.

These measures became necessary after AS Monify did not fulfill their obligations according to the annex that we signed additionally, which regulates the repayment of their debt to our investors by three installments. We are reminding you that we received the first installment at the end of October, which partly covered their obligations to the investors of the platform.

We will keep sharing all information about the originators on iuvo in a timely manner.

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