Around the world with iuvo: LendIT & DevReach

In November 2018 iuvo participated in two of the top leading conferences for FinTech in Europe – LendIT and DevReach.

LendIT FinTech Europe – The most successful FinTech conference on the Old Continent.

On November 19th, we sent Ivaylo, Vladimira, and Daniela with a direct flight to London to represent iuvo at LendIT FinTech Europe – one of the most interesting conferences in FinTech world.
The event was attended by leading FinTech companies, and by some of the most passionate FinTech lovers, who want to get firsthand information about the new trends in the sector. Some of the discussed topics were about the global regulation of cryptocurrencies, the future of open banking, the influence of the biometric data on the FinTech industry, and so on.

Iuvo team was part of LendIT FinTech Europe for the second time in a row. During the two days of the event we had the opportunity to meet FinTech professionals, and to talk about our experience. We also discussed partnership possibilities, and we received a valuable feedback on the platform.

The premier of our socially responsible campaign “The value of money” also took place there. It was positively greeted, judging by the feedback we received, saying that the 1 iuvo coin is one of the most useful and interesting gifts at the event. We can learn more about the campaign from here.

DevReach – One of the leading conferences for software specialists in Central and Eastern Europe

On the 10th Annual international DevReach conference, which took place on the 13th and 14th of November in Sofia, we presented the conception of iuvo in an understandable way, but by means of taste! If you are wondering if it’s possible, the answer is: “Yes, it is!”.

Each of the guests on our stand had the opportunity to get a taste of the pleasure of making yield with iuvo. Literally. We recreated the three levels of investment with the help of ice cream. Low-risk investments had the taste of sour cream, “up to 10%” interest had the taste of Zabaione ice cream, and the spiciest 15% interest tasted like chocolate chili. People liked our idea. Proof for that is not only the amount of eaten ice cream, but the new investments on the platform as well.


We always desire to be in touch with the newest in the world of innovations and Fintech. These events are truly important for us also because of the opportunity to meet in person our investors, professionals from the industry and all people who want to learn more about P2P investing. This is one of the best ways to get a direct feedback about iuvo as well as ideas and valuable advice on how to improve the platform.

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