Meet iuvo: Vladimira

It`s time for you to meet Vladimira Lulova – a core member and manager of the customer support team at iuvo, someone without whom our work would be impossible.

Vladimira is an achiever and a person of her word, which are precisely some of the qualities that make her a great fit for the team. She graduated from two universities at the same time and has no issues managing many tasks and responsibilities. All of her professional experience is related to communication and ensuring great a customer experience, which she quotes as her basis for developing invaluable interpersonal skills. Vladimira enjoys listening to the client`s troubles and engaging in helpful conversations with them.

Read on to find out how Vladimira answered our questions.

How did you wind up at iuvo?
Not surprisingly, we established contact via LinkedIn. Iuvo is a fin-tech company after all.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I read and I do sports.

Do you have a special talent?
I am a catalyst that enables others and make things happen. I am also very good at eating cake.

Do you invest in anything?
Investing is a form of discipline and I`m glad that it`s something my parents have given to me. When I was 22 I made my first investment in the form of a bank deposit. I was working two jobs at the time and I could save a decent amount of money. Since then I haven`t stopped investing. It sounds banal, but most often people invest in themselves, and I`m no exception. I invest my finds diversely and then use them for traveling and meaningful experiences.

What should people invest in, besides money and assets?
I think that most people believe that their dreams are impossible to achieve. They should invest their efforts into creating opportunities for achieving what they want.

What do you do when you get mad at people?
I try to come up with an explanation about why the other person is acting in such a way. It helps me see things from his perspective and not get angry.

What is the best advice you have for newbie iuvo users?
I`ve said it before – test everything! Use all the functionalities and features of the platform, they exist to make your life easier.

Let’s wrap this up with an existential one. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Explain why.
I think that some lizard laid an egg and a chicken came out of it…

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