IUVO GOLD CLUB privileges: Priority processing of added funds and withdrawals

IUVO GOLD CLUB makes you feel at your rightful place, thanks to the 10 privileges it gives you. As promised, we share more information on the added value the club brings you.

We will tell you more about the time to update your added funds to iuvo and processing of withdrawal requests, made by members of the Club.

Priority processing of added funds

The standard time to process newly receive funds to investor accounts is by the end of the day we have received them. Usually, bank transfers are received couple of times per day but the highest priority will have the transfers by Gold investors.

The time to process them is 30 minutes after we have received them. This gives you the opportunity to quickly buy more attractive loans on primary and/or secondary market. You know that exactly the most attractive loans, especially those with a discount in the price, are bought the fastest. Investors instantly realize profit from a loan, bought with a discount from secondary market, and then they are about to receive interest payments as well.

The faster processing of newly added funds gives you the advantage to set up your Auto Invest portfolio in advance for specific loans, and to have an available amount ready in order to invest in them. Combined with the privilege for receiving information in advance, which you get as a Gold Club member regarding new offers from the originators, the possibility to invest in the most attractive loans on the platform that match your criteria significantly increase. You know that even on primary market, where the number of loans and their total amount is usually higher than those on secondary market, the most attractive loans.

Priority processing of withdrawal requests

Another privilege concerning priority service is the processing of withdrawal requests within 1 hour after they are made. The standard time to process them is up to 2 business days. This means that the withdrawals of Gold investors are processed significantly faster, which allows you to have access to your money in way shorter periods.

The faster service and personal approach you get from our team are only part of your advantages with iuvo. We always strive to give you more, and you can get the best out of iuvo now.

Last Update: 07.04.2023

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