IUVO GOLD CLUB with 10 benefits for the most active investors

All investors on iuvo that have added over 25 000 EUR to their account become part of IUVO GOLD CLUB. If you are part of the club, this gives your privileges that help you have a sensibly better return and an even better experience on iuvo. The functionalities of the platform will work for you with priority.

 Here are 10 reasons to become part of the Gold Club of iuvo:

1.Priority for your Auto Invest

One of the most valuable privileges is that your automatic portfolio will invest before those of the other investors. The most wanted loans which match your criteria will be part of your strategy. What will this bring you? An even better profit and more optimal usage of the platform and its possibilities.

2. Your Auto Invest portfolios will invest in 20 loans at once, not 10

Usually, if you have more than one Auto Invest portfolio, each of them will invest in 10 loans per turn before the next one by priority activates. This privilege allows you to invest more of your funds in the loans that you most prefer and that best fit your strategy.

3Receive information in advance

One of the most liked Gold Club privileges is receiving information in advance about listing new loans, adding new loan originators, starting promo campaign, etc.

This allows you to review your strategy and organize a transfer of new funds in order to take advantage, get more of what you are looking for, and have the most optimal results.

4Higher bonuses with iuvo campaigns

The member of IUVO GOLD CLUB get higher bonuses and a higher maximum bonus amount with campaigns, organized by iuvo. These are bonus campaign such as “Refer a Friend”, “Loyal Investor”, and others, which are active at the given moment.

At the moment, our “Refer a Friend” bonus program is active. By successfully referring somebody, you get 3% of the invested amount of the referred party, and the maximum size your bonus can reach is €300.

5No fee for selling loans on secondary market

One of the very few fees on iuvo is 1% of the sold amount on secondary market. As a member of IUVO GOLD CLUB, you have the opportunity to sell your investments without this fee. Regardless of the loan amount, you will not pay any fee.

6The loans you have listed for sale on secondary market visualize with priority

If you decide to list your loans for sale on secondary market, they will be the first that the other investors on the platform will see. This privilege increases the possibility to sell these loans faster, as they have higher visibility.

All added funds by you are in your account within 30 minutes after we receive them

The standard time for your funds to be in your accounts is by the end of the business day we receive them. As part of Gold Club, the new funds will be in your account within 30 minutes after we receive them.

This way you will be able to react faster and take advantage of loans on primary and/or secondary market that match your strategy while they are still available.

Your withdrawals will be processed within 1 hour after you make a request

The standard time for our team to process withdrawals is 2 business days, and after that is the bank transfer. Withdrawal requests of Gold investors are processed within 1 hour after they are requested, so you can have quicker access to your money.

You get invites for public events, which iuvo is part of

There is the possibility to receive free invites for public events, which iuvo is part of. The topics that are usually discussed on such events are the future of finance, different options for investing, and the development of the FinTech sector.

If you do not have access Internet or you do not have the possibility, you can request a colleague to assist you with managing your Auto Invest portfolios

The better terms and benefits for you are here for you. As part of IUVO GOLD CLUB, you will enjoy more optimal results because the platform will work for your investments with priority.

In order to see all privileges at one place and to compare with the possibilities of the other profile statuses, we provide you with a special webpage for you. The exclusive terms await you. Become part of IUVO GOLD CLUB now!


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