Deposit methods in iuvo

At iuvo, we try to be useful to our investors, so we decided to present to you the different methods of depositing in the platform. We aim for the highest possible functionality and for this purpose we have created a detailed description of the steps that are important for you to follow when depositing – you can see for yourself when you login to your account and click on the “Deposit” button, conveniently positioned in the upper right corner of the header menu. As you already know, deposits can be made in euro, Bulgarian leva, Romanian lei or Polish zloty. And here are the methods for depositing in iuvo quickly and efficiently:


To use this highly efficient service, you must have an account with Paysera – creating a profile there is very fast and easy. We recommend Paysera if you want to make a deposit in all currencies from one place. Iuvo has a company account there and through it all transactions are made within seconds. It is important to know that there are no fees for transactions between two Paysera accounts.

Bank transfer

One of the methods of depositing in Bulgarian leva is by bank transfer to our Allianz account. For euro – you can use Allianz and Paysera. For Romanian lei and Polish zloty, you can again use Paysera. Please specify the iuvo account as payment reference and provide the following information:

– iuvo Investor ID: EVP6210002572095;
– your profile ID number: XXXX;
– reference – loading an investor account

Funds will be available on your iuvo account within the day of receipt and, once added to your account, you will receive a confirmation email. The types of bank transfers which can be used are the following: interbank transfer, internal bank transfer (as long as you have an account in the particular bank); or cash deposit at a bank branch.

There are no fees for euro deposits in iuvo. Wire transfer fees vary depending on the bank.


In the world of P2P investing, easy, fast, and unproblematic online depositing is a determining factor for an enjoyable handling. Trustly is a licensed payment institution, widely known and used in 29 countries, supporting payments with over 3,300 banks. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can make instant online bank transfers directly through your mobile banking. The only condition for using the payment method is to have an active bank account at one of the banks with which the platform works. Trustly saves you time waiting for the transaction to be reflected, and the fee for transfers to your iuvo account is 2.3% of the deposit amount. This method is convenient for regular transfers of smaller amounts. When investing large sums, however, the better option is a bank transfer.

And a few more options for a deposit

In the “Other” section you will find several other convenient deposit methods, namely Transferwise, Revolut, Currency Cloud, EasyChange and Currencyfair. Using these payment institutions, you will be able to make deposits at any time you wish. For some of them, you may need to provide us with your bank account information. Each of the following documents is valid for this purpose, given your name and IBAN number are visible: bank statement, payment order, copy / photo of electronic banking. The benefit of depositing through one of these services is the avoidance of high wire transfer fees.

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