Deposit in iuvo even easier with Trustly

Among our main priorities is our investors to feel good while using iuvo platform. We strive to work for your comfort and make iuvo user-friendly in any direction. Extremely important for the P2P world is to have easy online system for depositing. We did the next step towards making deposit of money faster by adding the payment system Trustly in iuvo.

Trustly is licensed payment institution, started back in 2008. The main purpose of Trustly is to provide easy, trouble-free and safe online payments within more than 29 countries. This payment method is well known and is working with more than 3 300 banks. With Trustly you will be able to make instant bank transfers from your online banking. You only need to have an active bank account in one of the banks partnering with Trustly.

How to make a deposit?

It’s so simple, you don’t even need to register in order to transfer money with Trustly. All you need is to choose the country and the bank, where your bank account is issued and confirm the transaction with your bank credentials. That’s it!

Is it safe to use Trustly?

Trustly is a secure online payment method. The company is regulated by Swedish FSA – the bank regulator in Sweden. Money transfers with Trustly are as safe as with any bank in the country. When you transfer money with Trustly your customer data is not being stored and the system does not remember any of you ID, password or PIN code.

The most important thing is that your payments are issued straight after you confirm them. If we stick to the quote that time is money, we may proudly state that Trustly is your partner in time management, who works for your fortune. The tax for a transfer from Trustly to your iuvo account is 2,3% of the deposit.

Fast, easy, comfortable, safe – Trustly!

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