Earn more with IUVO CLUBS

Get additional privileges with IUVO CLUBS and take advantage of the exclusive opportunities for you. Make more profit. Achieve your goals with iuvo.

Club table
Priority Auto-invest
Your Auto Invest portfolios get activated before the rest.
Portfolio Invests Per Turn
The number of loans a single portfolio invests before your next one activates.
Time Deposits Get to Your Account
Your money transfers can be added to your iuvo balance only after they have arrived in our bank account and during business hours.
up to 1 business day
up to 3 business hours
up to 30 business min
Inform in Advance
Receive information in advance for new loan listings on our market, promo campaigns, new loan originators, or other news.
Iuvo Online Help Assistant
Every registered investor on iuvo has their own personal account manager.
Secondary Market Selling Fee
The fee you pay on the sold amount on secondary market.
Secondary Market Priority
Your loans listed for sale on secondary market will appear in the search with priority.
Withdrawals Processing Time
The time it takes for your withdrawal request to be processed by our team. The bank transfer time is not taken into consideration because it is not in control of iuvo.
2 business days
1 business days
1 business hour
“Refer-a-Friend” Bonus More >>
1% and up to 150 EUR
2% and up to 200 EUR
3% and up to 300 EUR
Invitations for Special Events
€10 000
€25 000


The privileges you get with IUVO CLUBS are an excellent opportunity to make more profit and achieve your goals. You get access to exclusive promo campaigns, higher bonuses, and faster service. Your automatic portfolios invest with priority before the rest and select up to 20 loans per turn, which means that you get to invest more funds in the most desired loans that match your criteria, and the information you receive in advance also helps you do that.

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