Good news from iuvo: The invested funds bring you privileges

The team of iuvo shares your passion for investing, and we know that it can bring you even more. Besides the good return rate on iuvo, we offer you to take advantage of additional privileges.

You want your Auto Invest portfolios to activate before those of other investors? Now iuvo can give you this opportunity. How?

Increase the invested amount in your account with minimum of 1000 euro. If you have available funds, make them work for you.

This additional privilege is about to be included in the 10 privileges of IUVO GOLD CLUB. Exclusively and equally with the members of the club, you can take advantage of it for a month. It will give you a better chance to invest in your most desired loans, and to have a higher yield.

The campaign starts on 21.05.2020 and continues to 12.07.2020. If the invested amount in your account has increased with 1000 euro or more since the starting date, the privilege will be yours. If you have met the requirements, your portfolios will get activated with priority from 14.07.2020 to 13.08.2020. It is necessary to keep the additional 1000 euro (or more) invested all the time in loans until 13.08, included.

We would like to remind you about some of our latest offers with which the satisfaction of investing is guaranteed:

–  NordCard offers promotional conditions for the buyback activation days – only 30 days. Besides that, there is not only buyback on the principle, but on the interest as well. Sounds good, right?

–  The Originators Easy Credit, Viva Credit, and iCredit increased the interest rates of their loans, granted after the quarantine started. It is an awesome opportunity to gain more.

–  We increased the referral bonuses. Now you can get up to 150 euro for each person you refer!

  Kviku lists new short-term loans twice a week in ЕUR and RUB.

Invest actively now, and we will make sure that you gain more.

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